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Research showcase 

In 2009-2010, undergraduates on the Philosophy and Literature programme asked staff associated with the Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts to answer questions about their current research.

Poets Reading Philosophy, Philosophers Reading Poetry
26-28 October 2007
Speakers: Robert Bringhurst (Canada), Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College, Philosophy), Jorie Graham (Harvard University, English), Robert Gray (Australia), Kevin Hart (University of Virginia, Religious Studies), Geoffrey Hill (Boston University emeritus, Literature and Religion), Simon Jarvis (Cambridge University, English), John Koethe (University of Milwaukee, Philosophy), Peter Lamarque (University of York, Philosophy), Susan Stewart (Princeton University, English), Jan Zwicky (University of Victoria, Philosophy)

Deleuze and Literature Conference
20-21 March 2006
Speakers: Miguel de Beistegui, Mary Bryden, David Musselwhite, Daniel Smith, Anthony Uhlmann, Jeff Wallace, James Williams

The Measurement of Angels - Art and Science in the Course of Secularisation
Donald Charlton Lecture delivered by Sigrid Weigel
16 February 2006

Deleuze and The Fold Workshop
27 June 2005
Speakers: Timothy Flanagan, Phillip Gillham, Matthew Hammond, Birgit M. Kaiser, Siobhan McKeown, Sjoerd van Tuinen, James Williams

Torture and the Ethics of Photography
Talk and Seminar with Judith Butler
24 May 2005
The audio-tape of the Judith Butler Lecture has now been deposited in the Library (access via SRC/store). Copyright remains with Judith Butler.

Poetry and Belief Workshop
25 February 2005
Speakers: Michael Bell, Jon Cook, Tom Day, Alexandra Duer, Michael John Kooy, Peter Larkin, Rupert Read, Martin Warner

Philosophy and Narrative Conference
5 November 2004
Speakers: Veronica Vasterling, Evy Varsamopoulou, John Lippitt, Teresa Ludden, Michael Bell

The State He's In: Political Philosophy and the Figural
One-Day Conference with Adriana Cavarero on her book Stately Bodies: Literature, Philosophy & the Question of Gender
19 May 2004
Speakers: Adriana Cavarero, Rachel Jones, Janice Richardson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kimberly Hutchings, Alison Stone

One-Day workshop on Deleuze's text Nietzsche and Philosophy
12 May 2004
Speakers: Keith Ansell-Pearson (Warwick), Eduardo Anibal Pellejero (Lisbon), Nuno Nabais (Lisbon), Scott Revers (Warwick), John Rubin (Warwick)

Thinking the Sublime: One-Day Conference
13 March 2004
Speakers: Nuno Nabais, Christine Battersby, Howard Caygill, Matthew Rampley, Diane Morgan

The Cinematic Sublime
One-Day Conference on the Cinematic Sublime in the Work of David Lynch
11 February 2004
Speakers: Dean Lockwood, Erica Sheen, Luke Sheridan-Rains, Tico Romao

Continental Philosophy and the Sciences: Three-Day Conference
8-12 December 2003
Speakers: Isabelle Stengers, Michael Friedman, Gary Gutting, Patrick Heelan, Pierre Kerszberg, Thomas Posch, Babette Babich, Christopher Norris, Eduard Marbach, David Webb, Matthew Ratcliffe, Paul-Antoine Miquel, Miguel Beistegui, Ray Brassier

Hermeneutics and Tradition: One-Day Conference
Friday, 7th November 2003
Speakers: Nicholas Davey, Kelvin Knight, Andrius Bielskis, Damian Veal, Peter Poellner

Nietzsche, Art and Aesthetics: 13th Annual Conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society
12-14 September 2003
Plenary Speakers: Daniel W. Conway, David E. Cooper, Robert Gooding-Williams, Beatrice Han-Pile, Nuno Nabais, Aaron Ridley, Gary Shapiro

Merleau-Ponty and the Philosophy of Nature
30 May 2003
Speakers: Robin Durie, Alberto Toscano, Howard Caygill, Nuno Nabais

Ancient Materialism
3 May 2003
Speakers: Catherine Osborne, Lesley Brown, David Sedley, James Warren, John Sellars, Cosmin Andron

Ancient and Continental
27 February 2003
Speakers: Stella Sandford, Nina Power, Bob Plant, Lorenzo Chiesa, John Sellars, Jones Irwin

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
10-11 May 2002
Plenary Speakers: Peter Lamarque, Christopher Norris, Rachel Jones, Kathleen Stock

Kant and Autonomy
4 May 2002
Speakers: Tom Bailey, Katrin Flikschuh, Onora O'Neill, William Smith, Howard Williams

J.M. Coetzee and the Ethics of Intellectual Practice
26-27 April 2002
Organized in conjunction with the Humanities Research Centre
Speakers: David Attwell, Derek Attridge, Mike Marais, Rosemary Jolly, Michael Bell, Michael Valdez Moses, Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Head, Sam Durrant

2nd Annual Warwick Nietzsche Workshop
6 June 2001
Speakers: Frank Cameron, Marco Cassanova, Russell Ford, Ian James, Uschi Nussbaumer-Benz, Alan Schrift, Herman Siemens, Elke Wachendorff

Tradition and Translation: The Work of Geoffrey Hill
22-23 May 2001
Speakers: Andrew Benjamin, René Gallet, Geoffrey Hill, Michael John Kooy, Edna Longley, Peter McDonald

Platonic Provocations
24 February 2001
Speakers: Andrew Barker, Howard Caygill, Andrew Laird, Miriam Leonard, Catherine Osborne, Martin Warner

Coleridge, Friendship and the Origin of Modernity
13-14 February 2001
Speakers: Tillotama Rajan, Paul Hamilton, Anthony Harding

Plato in Progress: Philosophy, Dialogue, Interdisciplinarity
8 November 2000
Speakers: David Creese, Alexandra De Forest-Duer, Tamsin De Waal, Richard Peevers, Ian Repath, John Sellars, Anastasia Vassiliou

Romanticism and the Origins of Modernity
3-5 July 2000
Speakers: John Appleby, Lilian Alweiss, Christine Battersby, Andrew Benjamin, Geoff Bennington, Andrew Bowie, Paul Davies, Jonathan Derbyshire, Jonathan Dronsfield, Joanna Hodge, Kimberly Hutchings, Rachel Jones, Hector Kollias, Michael John Kooy, John Llewelyn, Beth Lord, Michael Newman, Andrea Rehberg, Stella Sandford, Susan Shell, Darren Sheppard, Alberto Toscano

The Warwick Nietzsche Workshop
8 June 2000
Speakers: Stephan Guenzel, Beatrice Han, Martin Liebscher, Greg Moore, Nuno Nabais, Tom Bailey, Austin Hill, Jon Rubin

On the Virtual
Half-Day Workshop with Daniel W Smith
17 May 2000

Fichtean Thought in Jena: Postgraduate Conference
2-3 May 2000
Speakers: Andew Bowie, Günter Zöller, Matthew Altman, James Hodkinson, Richard Fincham, Clause Kierksmeier, Chris Groves, Jason Howard

Literary Modernism and Philosophical Humanism Workshop
8 March 2000
Speakers: Keith Alldritt, John Appleby, Dimitris Efstratiou, Stephen A Hall, Diane Morgan

Romanticism and Time
Half-Day Workshop with Professor Kelvin Everest (Liverpool)
26 January 2000

Thinking the Event
16-17 June 1999
Speakers: Miguel Beistegui, Andrew Benjamin, Simon Critchley, Peter Dews, Robert Fine, Joanna Hodge, Jay Lampert, Francois Laruelle, Ian MacKenzie, Nathan Widder

Philosophy and Painting
26 May 1999
Speakers: Eric Alliez, Christine Battersby, Howard Caygill, Diana Coole, Fiona Hughes, Rachel Jones, Diane Morgan, Judy Purdom, James Williams

Walter Benjamin and Romanticism
22-23 April 1999
Speakers: Simon Sparks, Holger Schmid, Josh Cohen, Timothy Bhati, Andrew Bowie, Alexander Düttman, Charlie Louth, Rebecca Comay

Going Australian: Reconfiguring Feminism and Philosophy
6-8 February 1998
Plenary Speakers: Genevieve Lloyd, Claire Colebrook, Penelope Deutscher, Zoe Sofoulis, Linnell Secomb, Moira Gatens, Robyn Ferrell, Rosalyn Diprose

The Ends of Art
13-14 June 1997
Speakers: John Sallis, Rebecca Comay, Eliane Escoubas, Michael Newman, Paul Davies, Alexander Düttman, Andrew Benjamin, Stephen Houlgate

Schelling Contra Hegel
9 May 1997
Speakers: Robert Stern, Christopher Groves, Andrew Bowie, Stephen Houlgate

Philosophy and Experience
7 March 1997
Speakers: David Wood, Ian Lyne, Peter Osborne, James Williams, Joanna Hodge, Howard Caygill