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Programme of Events 2018-19

Wed 3 Oct, '18
Postgraduate Welcome Conference
Tue 9 Oct, '18
CRPLA Seminar: Michael Dillon, 'Making Infinity Count: The Baroque Order of Transfinite Things and the Automatisation of Reason'

More details to follow.

Wed 17 Oct, '18
CRPLA/History of Art Seminar: Bence Nanay (Antwerp)
IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House, History of Art Department

Title: 'Global Aesthetics'

Tue 23 Oct, '18
CRPLA Seminar: Karen Simecek, '‘Listen to me!' The Value of Voice in Performed Poetry’
Fri 2 Nov, '18
Professional Virtues in Modern Medicine Conference
Scarman House
Tue 20 Nov, '18
CRPLA Seminar: Douglas Pye, ‘V.F. Perkins, E.H. Gombrich and Criteria’ (full title below)

Full title: ‘“… I have become less and less convinced that criticism does or should proceed through the use of anything that can reasonably be described as criteria”: V.F. Perkins, E.H. Gombrich and Criteria’

Tue 4 Dec, '18
CRPLA Seminar: Philippe Lynes, ‘Blanchot’s role in Derrida's Life Death’. Respondent: Holly Langstaff

Details to follow.

Tue 15 Jan, '19
CRPLA Seminar: Tina Lupton, ‘Queer Times for the Straight Book: Ali Smith, Maggie Nelson, Michel Serres’
Tue 29 Jan, '19
CRPLA Seminar: Adam Frank, ‘Hollow Utterance or Expression: Austin with Stein’. Respondent: Daniel Katz

Details to follow.

Tue 5 Feb, '19
WMA seminar_ Eva Schmidt (Zurich) @ Cowling room,

Eva Schmidt (Zurich)

Title TBA

@ Cowling room, 2pm-4pm

Tue 26 Feb, '19
CRPLA Seminar: Olga Smith, ‘Landscape without a subject: representing environment in contemporary photography’. Respondent: Karen Lang
Tue 12 Mar, '19
CRPLA Seminar: David Fearn, ‘Gorgias’ Cosmos: Classical Greek Sophistic Rhetoric as Exemplificatory Poetics’
Wed 20 Mar, '19
WMA Seminar - CHANGE OF SPEAKER: Lucy Campbell (Warwick)
Cowling Room (S2.77) Social Sciences Building

Lucy Campbell (Warwick):

Title: 'On Anscombe on Practical Knowledge and Practical Truth'

Wed 27 Mar, '19
WMA seminar: Kevin Lynch (UCD) "The structure of the paradigm case argument" @ S2.81, 4pm-6pm

Kevin Lynch (UCD)
"The structure of the paradigm case argument"

@ S2.81, 4pm-6pm

Thu 4 Apr, '19
Precarity and Precariousness Workshop

Workshop supported by CRPLA and HRC at Warwick and by Royal Holloway

Sat 4 May, '19
Poetry and Philosophy Colloquium: On Poetic Determination
Thu 9 May, '19
CRPLA Seminar: Andrew Benjamin - ‘Doubt and Indifference: Threshold Conditions in Rosso Fiorentino and Bartolomeo Neroni’ (new title)
Tue 14 May, '19
WMA TALK: DAVID HUNTER, "On the Ethics of Believing"

WMA talks

David Hunter (Toronto)
On the Ethics of Believing
@ R0.04, 4pm-6pm

Thu 6 Jun, '19 - Sat 8 Jun, '19
Conference: Examining Hegel's Idea of Self-Determination: From Actuality to Concept
OC1.04 (days 1 and 2) and MS.A1.01 on day 3.

Runs from Thursday, June 06 to Saturday, June 08.

Hegel made the claim that the truth of necessity is freedom, arguing that the two domains are not logically incompatible but that one should be understood as a development through the other. This has surprising resonances with contemporary thinkers like Daniel Dennett, who argue that determinism has been wrongly understood as a kind of fatalism and that the subsequent dichotomy between determinism and free will is a false one. Unlike Dennett, however, Hegel makes his arguments from a purely logical standpoint, which, if he is right, takes much less for granted in order to make his case. Other examples include debates on modality with Timothy Williamson, Robert Stalnaker and David Lewis, or the nature of causality by authors from other disciplines, such as George Ellis and Terrance Deacon. These are but some examples where Hegel's Logic can be an important resource to tackle contemporary questions and problems.

Tue 11 Jun, '19
WMA workshop THE PERCEPTION OF OBJECTS AND SPACE with Peter Epstein and Umrao Sethi (3.00-6.30, room R0.03)

WMA Mini Workshop

June 11, 3.00-6.30, room R0.03


3 - 4.30: Peter Epstein, Pembroke College, Cambridge

Spatial Experience: More Than Mere Structure

5 – 6.30: Umrao Sethi, CUNY, New York

The Objects of Perception

Wed 12 Jun, '19 - Fri 14 Jun, '19
Conference at the University of Warwick: Social Human Rights
The University of Warwick

Runs from Wednesday, June 12 to Friday, June 14.

In debates about human rights, philosophers have tended to neglect social rights (i.e. the rights that protect our interpersonal, associative, and community-membership needs irrespective of our economic or political circumstances. Philosophers have focused instead on a familiar list of 'first generation' civil and political rights as well as a subset of the so-called 'second generation' socio-economic rights, namely the economic-welfare rights to shelter, basic subsistence, health and education.

This conference aims to bring together leading philosophers of human rights and rising stars to present frontier work on themes related to social rights, including the conceptual terrain, the place of social rights within the standard dichotomy between so-called 'liberty rights' and 'welfare rights', the defensibility of social rights as human rights, their relevance to distributive justice issues such as equality of opportunity, and their bearing on other branches of political philosophy such as democratic theory. The conference aims both to expand human rights theory and to set an agenda for further research.

Tue 18 Jun, '19
Workshop on Self-Knowledge with Hannah Ginsborg (UCBerkeley) and Alexander Greenberg (Southhampton)

Workshop on Self-Knowledge with Hannah Ginsborg (UCBerkeley) and Alexander Greenberg (Southhampton)


Thu 20 Jun, '19
3rd Birmingham-Nottingham-Warwick Joint Graduate Conference
Room R0.04, Ramphal Building, The Univrsity of Warwick

Further details to follow.

Sat 6 Jul, '19 - Sun 7 Jul, '19
9:30am - 5pm
Actions: the Mental and the Bodily (Conference)
MS.04, Zeeman Building, University of Warwick

Runs from Saturday, July 06 to Sunday, July 07.

Saturday 6th July




Opening Remarks


Tom Crowther (Warwick) -  ‘Dreams, Imagination and the First Person’


Refreshments (provided)


Tom McClelland (Warwick) - ‘Attention and Attendabilia: An Affordance-Based Account of Acts of Attention’


Lunch (provided)


Short Talk Session 1 (Chair, Michael Brent)

· Nicolas Alzetta (Antwerp) ‘Attention Skill and Knowledge’

· Chiara Brozzo (Tubingen) ‘A Minimal Hierarchical Theory of Bodily Action’

· Sam Wilkinson (Exeter) and Max Jones (Bristol) ‘Can the Predictive Processing Framework Explain the Mental Act of Imagining?’

· Sophie Keeling (Edinburgh) ‘Agency and Self-Awareness’


Refreshments (provided)


Kath Bicknell (Macquarie) & Wayne Christensen (Warwick) - ‘Cognition, Collaboration, and the Highly Context-sensitive Nature of Affordances’


Conference Dinner at Radcliffe (on campus)

Sunday 7th July


Lucy Campbell (Warwick) ‘Mental Action and Practical Knowledge’


Refreshments (provided)


Short Talk Session 2 (Chair: Robyn Waller)

· Lilian O’Brien (Helsinki) ‘Control and Attributability’

· Juan Pablo Bermudez (Externado University of Colombia) ‘The Upside of Mental Effort’


Lunch (provided)


Lucy O’Brien (UCL) & Matt Soteriou (KCL) ‘Still and Silent Soliloquy’


Refreshments (provided)


Short Talk Session 3 (Chair: Robyn Waller)

· Antonia Peacocke (NYU) ‘Content Plurality in Mental Action’

· Yarran Hominh (Columbia) ‘Habitual Mental Action’


Closing Remarks