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What Optional Modules Can I Take?

Our academics provide research-led teaching, which means that they keep content fresh and up-to-date with current thinking and developments in their subject. We also add new modules in line with research developments and in response to student feedback. So you’ll be choosing from a varied selection of interesting specialisms and interdisciplinary options in your honours years.

Optional Modules with PPE

You will have a wide range of interesting potential specialisms and pathways through your course so that you can explore the issues that interest you the most.

In Philosophy, you will study with world-leading scholars in both analytic and continental philosophy. Topics in 2018/19 have included: Sartre and Existentialism, Philosophy in Education, Feminism, Logic, Ethics of Sociability and Biopolitics.

Politics and International Studies have four research clusters, whose world-leading work provides the basis for research-led teaching in comparative politics and democratisation, political theory, international political economy and international relations & security.

In Economics, you can choose to focus on areas like those studied in 2018/19: development economics, the EU, behavioural economics, public policy, banking, econometrics, economics history, industrial economics and international trade.

As well as focusing on individual disciplines, there is also a high degree of intellectual freedom to cross ‘traditional’ topic lines, as you can see from the selection of modules taken in 2018/19.

Discover the full lists of optional modules available with Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
Examples of Options Taken Within PPE in 2018/19
  • PPE: Interdisciplinary Topics
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • States and Markets: An Introduction to International Political Economy
  • Capitalism and its Alternatives
  • Gender and Development
  • The Political Economy of Money
  • War and Economy in the Twentieth Century
  • East-Asian Transformations: A Political Economy Perspective
  • Post-Kantian Social and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy, Literature and Film
  • Violence, Rights, Justice and Peace in the Middle East

Optional Modules Outside PPE

You can also choose to take optional modules from outside the departments as part of your degree. These can come from other areas in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Business School. Particularly popular are Warwick Business School, Law, Psychology, Sociology, History, Languages and interdisciplinary IATL (Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning) modules.


Within their option choices, PPE students are usually able to take a language module in their first year and one at honours level. Languages are particularly popular with students intending to apply for a year abroad as part of their studies. We teach a wide variety of languages at Warwick. In 2018/19, languages have included: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Most are taught at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Examples of Options Taken Outside PPE in 2018/19
  • Organisational Analysis
  • From the Revolution to the Drug War: Mexico's Twentieth Century
  • French Language for Business
  • Censorship and Society
  • Radical Politics and the Struggle for Democracy in Europe
  • Politics of Globalisation
  • Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective