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UG Modules

UG Modules

Core Modules

Core modules are compulsory and you do not need to register for these.

Everyone must take core modules in economic analysis and quantitative techniques. Depending on your degree course, in your first year, for example, you will take either EC107 Economics 1 or EC108 Macroeconomics 1 and EC109 Microeconomics 1. All first-year students take EC120 Quantitative Techniques.

All first-year students take Economics Personal Development Module (PDM) which is non-credit rated (L100, L116 and LM1D (LLD2)).

Optional Core Modules

Optional core modules are modules which are compulsory but which offer an element of choice within a subset of modules, meaning that you are asked to choose between one module or another or, for example, two modules from a subset of five.

Optional Modules Offered by the Department of Economics

Optional modules are non-compulsory modules which offer you the chance to study an aspect of Economics in more depth. You should make your selection taking account of the constraints imposed by your degree course regulations. Please ensure you are aware of the relevant pre-requisitesLink opens in a new window before registering for a module. You will not be permitted to take a module if you don’t have the required pre-requisites.

Approved Options

Before finalising your choice of non-Economics options, you must confirm with the relevant department that you are accepted for the option and that the timetable is feasible for you, across the whole year, not just the Autumn term. There are lists of approved external optional modules that you may choose from, each year of your study see here for Year 1Link opens in a new window, Year 2Link opens in a new window and Final YearLink opens in a new window. Please check your Non-Economics module appears on the approved list before registering. The lists are not exhaustive - if other outside options appeal to you must complete an online Unusual Options Request FormLink opens in a new window to request permission to take the module. You must also obtain permission from the department offering the module. For further information please refer to UG handbook.Link opens in a new window

New Announcements

Economics Year 1 students - Please note that IB132-15 module from WBS is allocated on a first come first serve basis and MY.WBS will open today for you to register.

Year 2 students - EC235, EC241 and EC242 modules were the new modules we added last year. Please look at our Year 2 modulesLink opens in a new window page to see if these modules are of your interest.

Economics Year 3 students - Please ensure to select your optional core module(s) on eVision when the registration opens on Wednesday 27th September 2023. You may see all three optional cores appearing on your registration. You can select two out of three modules as optional core (30 CATS) if you want. However, you cannot take EC331 and EC346.

Module Registration

Module registration opens for all students to submit their module choices through eVision from Wednesday 27th September 2023 09:00 BST and will close on Monday 16th October 2023 - 17:00 BST. Please ensure to submit your optional module choices before the deadline.

Unusual Options

If you wish to take an option module not listed explicitly as "an approved option" under your degree course regulations, please submit an Unusual Option Request FormLink opens in a new window. Your request will be considered on its merits, by the Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will decide after checking for consistency and fair treatment.

Economics Modules as an Outside Option

Due to high demand EC300 coded modules will not be available for students outside of Economics for 2023/24.

Are you non Economics student seeking an Economics module as an outside option? You should check the Module Pages for detailed outlines and then carefully check to ensure you have the required compulsory pre-requisitesLink opens in a new window. If you meet the module requirements, you must complete our application form and wait for a response. Due to high demand, We cannot guarantee a place on your chosen module, even if your application is accepted. Places will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Complete our application formLink opens in a new window