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UG Modules

    Economics Modules as an Outside Option

    For the academic year 2022/23 we are only allowing EC300 coded module for external students.

    Are you a Warwick student seeking an Economics module as an outside option? You should check the Module Pages for detailed outlines and then carefully check to ensure you have the required compulsory pre-requisitesLink opens in a new window. If you meet the module requirements, you must complete our application form and wait for a response. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A PLACE ON YOUR CHOSEN MODULE, EVEN IF YOUR APPLICATION IS ACCEPTED. PLACES WILL BE CONFIRMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you add anything to eVision, please bear in mind you may be asked to de-register if we cannot meet demand.

    NOTE: Students studying for an Economics Joint Degree (EconGSD, SMLCEcon, PPE, MORSE, MMORSE) are NOT required to complete this application form, although you MUST ensure you have the required pre-requisitesLink opens in a new window for any EC coded module you register for. If you have any questions, please contact

    Complete our application form

    Core Modules

    Core modules are compulsory. You do not need to register for core modules.

    Everyone must take core modules in economic analysis and quantitative techniques. Depending on your degree course, in your first year, for example, you will take either EC107 Economics 1 or EC108 Macroeconomics 1 and EC109 Microeconomics 1. All first-year students take EC120 Quantitative Techniques.

    All first-year students also take the Economics Personal Development Module (PDM) which is non-credit rated, but compulsory for L100, L116 and LM1D (LLD2) students.

    Optional Core Modules

    Optional core modules are modules which are compulsory but which offer an element of choice within a subset of two or more modules, meaning that you are asked to choose between one module or another or, for example, two modules from a subset of five.

    Optional Modules Offered by the Department of Economics

    Optional modules are non-compulsory modules which offer you the chance to study an aspect of Economics in more depth. You should make your selection taking account of the constraints imposed by your degree course regulations. Please ensure you are aware of the relevant pre-requisites Link opens in a new windowbefore registering for a module as these are strictly adhered to. You will not be permitted to take a module if you don’t have the required pre-requisites.

    Non-Economics (external) Options

    Depending on what modules you have taken in your First Year and on your degree course regulations, you may wish to consider the possibility of taking modules in other departments in the University, especially from other Social Sciences departments.

    Approved Options

    Before finalising your choice of non-Economics options, you must confirm with the relevant department that you are accepted for the option and that the timetable is feasible for you, across the whole year, not just the Autumn term.

    There are a number of approved external optional modules that you may choose from, the list can be found here for Year 1,Link opens in a new window Year 2Link opens in a new window and Year 3 and 4Link opens in a new window . Please check your module appears on the approved list before registering. The lists are not exhaustive - if other outside options appeal to you please complete an online Unusual Options Request Form to request permission to take the module. You must also obtain permission from the department offering the module. Typically, the principle we adopt in Economics is that, within your course regulations, we will permit you to choose any year-specific option offered by any department in the University, provided that you satisfy the pre-requisites or other requirements for that module and that the offering department permits you to take the module. NB - you will usually NOT be permitted to take 100-coded modules in your second or final years.

    When selecting your optional modules, please make sure that your choices are consistent with your degree course regulations. Note that some of the modules in the lists are core or optional core on some Economics-based degree courses.

    Unusual Options

    If you wish to take an option module not listed explicitly as "an approved option" under your degree course regulations, please submit an Unusual Option Request Form through the current students section of the Economics website. Your request will be considered on its merits, by the Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will decide after checking for consistency and fair treatment.