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We have a diverse range of research interests and have a long-standing record in international, socially engaged and interdisciplinary projects and collaborations.

Our research interests and expertise fall under these broad areas:
  • Identities, Subjectivities & Lived Experiences including gender and sexuality; trans identities and experiences; race and ethnicity; class; professional identities; ageing.
  • Inequalities, Power & Institutions including pedagogy, education, and academic practices and cultures; gender, crime and criminal justice institutions; gender-based violence; gender and employment; gender and the labour process; paid and unpaid work; households, families and kin relationships.
  • Cultures, Representations & Politics including feminist activism, social movements and social change; women and political representation; gender, nation and democratisation; reproductive politics and governance.
  • International Development & Globalisation including migration and migrant workers; human rights and violence in international context.

Our work is informed by feminist and queer theories, epistemologies & methodologies.

Get in touch with us to discuss future research collaborations, doctoral or post-doctoral opportunities: 


Ongoing Research Collaborations

Partnership with Monash Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research 

The Universities of Monash and Warwick have a cross University Alliance, supporting staff and student exchange and innovative international research programs.

Feminist History Group

A reading group based in the History Department, but open to all researchers whose work engages with questions of gender and feminism, providing an informal space for close reading and in-depth discussion of theoretical texts.