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CSWG is a centre of research and teaching in women's, gender and feminist studies, based at the University of Warwick. Although it is housed by the Department of Sociology, this centre is interdisciplinary and draws its membership from across the university. It aims to provide a focus for research and teaching on women and gender in the university and to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary feminist research.
Women’s and gender studies has had a presence in Warwick for several decades. CSWG itself was founded in 1993, as an academic department. In the summer of 2002, it became a Faculty research centre based in the Department of Sociology. Professor Nickie Charles was appointed Director of the Centre in January 2005.


CSWG is very proud to be an institutional member of ATGENDER (the European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation) and of the Feminist Studies Association (UK and Ireland), as well as a member of RINGS (the International Research Network of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies).

If you are a Warwick student or member of staff and would like to be listed here as a member of CSWG, please complete this form.