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Sociology Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice & the Global Petrochemical Industry

Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice & the Global Petrochemical Industry

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Toxic Truths, an edited collection from the Toxic Expertise project, is available open access:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Toxic Expertise project!

The Global Petrochemical Map

The Global Petrochemical Map - Logo

Toxic Expertise has created an interactive map of the petrochemical industry, including 75 case studies of petrochemical sites. We invite people to add their own comments, stories and experiences to the map.

The Global Petrochemical Map

Toxic News E-Magazine

Our April 2021 issue of Toxic News (21st edition), edited by David Brown, explores the theme of just transitions, places and communities, focusing on the importance of place attachments and place identities in orienting perceptions and experiences of energy transition.

J. Mijin Cha explores contested just transitions in the coal mines of Powder River Basin in Wyoming; Jessica Crowe and Ruopo Li examine energy justice issues over renewable energy developments in the City of Carbondale, Illinois; Dayna Nadine Scott investigates the renewed push to extend the extractive frontier of “critical minerals” into the boreal forest in the far North of Ontario; David Rudolph examines growing opposition to new wind farm proposals in Denmark; and Susana Batel highlights the need for a relational and historical approach to foster just low carbon energy transitions.

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Credit: Louis Vest, Flickr - Industrial Landscape in Houston, Texas

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