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Surveys, Secondary Analysis and Social Statistics 2014-15


Term 1:


WEEK 2: (Bivariate) Cross-tabulations, Chi-square and SPSS Revisited/Secondary Analysis and Official Statistics

WEEK 3: Multivariate Analysis (with an emphasis on Multi-way Cross-tabulations)

WEEK 4: Regression I: Getting the preliminaries in place (e.g. correlation)

WEEK 5: Regression II: Multiple regression

WEEK 6: Regression III: Assumptions and complications

WEEK 7: Logistic regression I

WEEK 8: Logistic regression II/Log-linear models I

WEEK 9: Log-linear models II

WEEK 10: Issues relating to complex sample designs


Term 2:


WEEK 11: Operationalising concepts

WEEK 12: Interpreting published articles based on multivariate analyses

WEEK 13: Index construction

WEEK 14: Analysing means I: (Extending) Analysis of Variance

WEEK 15: Analysing means II: Nonparametric techniques


WEEK 17: Survival analysis/Event history analysis

WEEK 18: Measuring association and inequality

WEEK 19: Other multivariate techniques: clustering and scaling

WEEK 20: A glimpse beyond the module: Extensions of logistic regression, Multi-level models, etc.