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Course for Undergraduate Ansal University students studying BBA or B.Com

Economic Game Theory, International Business and Finance

This course will give you an introduction to Game Theory, one of the most engaging elements of any Economics course and often referred to as the “Art of decision making”. It will also look at some of the key aspects of macroeconomics, international economics and international business.

The first part of the course will include amongst other topics an introduction to factors that drive economic growth, the study of business cycles, of government policies and international economics and international finance.

The second part of the course will stufdy business decisions - students will learn about Game Theory. Game Theory is the core method for studying decision-making in almost all social science subjects such as Economics, Management and Business but it is also used in the sciences and the humanities, such as in the design of cities and in the development of artificial intelligence. Its techniques are used directly or indirectly in many private and public sector organisations to inform and improve their decision-making as well as in competitive markets and other strategic environments. The field of “Game Theory” is a set of tools, concepts, methods and models that help people to make decisions rationally and to achieve as best a result as possible. These tools help students to take into account, for example, how the result of their choices will also depend on the decisions of other people (the other “players” in the game).