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Christina Mou

Christina Mou

Christina Mou



Year of graduation


IFP pathway

Business & Economics

Current situation

Second year Management student in WBS (Warwick Business School)

Could you sum up your experience of the Warwick IFP?

I had an amazing year studying the IFP course as it helped me achieve much more than what I expected. Since it was my first year studying in a foreign country, I inevitably encountered many difficulties adapting to the UK education system and living styles. Yet thanks to the support from IFP teachers, I was able to quickly overcome the language barriers and cultural shocks. During my year in IFP I also became friends with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds, some of them I still remain close relationship with. Such experience not only improved my English speaking but also exposed me to new perspectives and ideas, making me a more open-minded person. My IFP experience was also enriched by the vibrant campus life, as I attended several academic conferences and I enjoyed watching a lot of movies and shows exhibited in the Art Centre. My year in IFP is genuinely an unforgettable experience!


How did the course prepare you for undergraduate study and beyond?

My IFP experience contributed significantly towards preparing my undergraduate study. On the academic side, the IFP course laid the foundation of my business knowledge which made the concepts and theories in class more understandable and approachable. The assignment format was also aligned with the undergraduate programme hence I was more confident when dealing with essays and exams. Yet on a broader level, IFP also developed my soft skills in terms of communication and teamwork capabilities, which are crucial in the business world. More importantly, after a year studying abroad, IFP transformed me into a self-disciplined and organized person, which has then benefited me a lot in my undergraduate study as I can now manage my time more effectively, allowing me to engage with more extra-curricular activities whilst accomplishing my study goals.


Please tell us about your career plans

Studying on the Management course gives me the flexibility to explore my interest in various business areas, e.g. Finance, Operations, Marketing etc. which opens wider future career options. My current plan is to pursue a master’s degree in Business Analytics after my undergraduate study as I am interested in how the Big Data trend can be applied to the business world. With multiple career interests in mind, I am open to consultancy, human resource management and data analytics roles.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to current students?

Always open to learning new things and embracing new changes. Studying abroad may be a brand-new experience, but it also challenges your “own” way of thinking and doing things. It can be difficult to adapt, yet as you learn how to work with the differences this multinational environment brings about, you will gradually develop such flexibility which helps you thrive in the future.