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BALEAP Conference 2023: Caution! EAP under Deconstruction

Wednesday 19 - Friday 21 April 2023

Faculty of Arts Building

The BALEAP Conference will be held at the University of Warwick campus.

Our hope with this conference is that we encourage a critical look at every aspect of EAP. We hope that the community will feel bold and brave enough to challenge the status quo, offering ideas, opinions, research, practices, and suggestions that can take the field in new directions. We hope to hear new voices, offering perspectives on how we might break with tradition and disrupt norms. We particularly welcome contributions from precariously employed practitioners, those working on the fringes of EAP, and those who have never presented before. We encourage you to share your visions of how the field might be dismantled and reconstructed.

To achieve these aims, the conference has been deliberately designed to be open in terms of the format of contributions.

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You can book your place at the conference on the BALEAP websiteLink opens in a new window You can find out about package options here.


For any questions about the conference, contact the BALEAP team by email

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