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Employment during your studies

General Expectations

The Warwick IFP is an intensive academic programme which requires considerable commitment from students during and outside of term time. Students that fully engage with core programme, in addition to the range of the additional academic and extracurricular opportunities presented during the programme, are more likely to succeed and progress to a degree of their choice.

Whilst we recognise that some students may wish to gain additional working experience during the course of the Warwick IFP, the department strongly recommends that students do not undertake paid/unpaid employment - either within or outside the University of Warwick - which exceeds five (5) hours per week.

Please note that undertaking employment/voluntary work during teaching terms is not grounds for an extension of assessed work and will not be considered as grounds for missing taught classes.

Immigration Restrictions

In addition to the general expectations regarding working alongside your studies, detailed above, if you require a student visa to study the Warwick IFP it is highly likely that additional work restrictions will apply to you.

Normally, students undertaking study below degree level are not permitted to complete more than ten (10) hours per week of work during term time.

Please visit the University's Immigration Pages for more details.