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Course Transfer

You will normally be expected to continue studying the course that you are registered for at the beginning of the academic year.

However, the department recognises that there may be good reasons to request a course and/or module transfer in the very early stages of the Warwick IFP.

When could you transfer course module?

A request for a course transfer will only be considered within three weeks of the start date of the programme (23 September).

Course transfers are usually only approved in the following circumstances:
  • Following consultation with the Education and Liaison Officer, you believe an alternative course would better prepare you for your future degree
  • Your current course does not allow you to progress onto your chosen future degree
  • You have not adapted well to a new subject within the first few weeks and wish to transfer to a more appropriate module where you feel you will perform better

Please note that not all transfers will be possible due to timetable constraints. No new classes can be created to accommodate student transfers.

Course transfer requests will be declined automatically if you wish to transfer to:

  • To have a more favourable timetable
  • To study alongside friends studying other courses and/or modules
  • To avoid completing specific assessments

All course transfer requests must be approved by your Personal Tutor and the Director of Studies, using the process below. Your transfer request will be declined automatically if you do not meet the specific entry criteria relevant to the course and/or module you wish to transfer to.

Course transfer request process

The following process must be used to request a course and/or module transfer:

Complete Transfer Request Form

You must complete the transfer request form detailing the course you wish to change from and to. You should provide as much information as possible so that the request can be considered as quickly as possible.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request.


Request considered by Course Director and/or Director of Studies

Your request will be considered by the Course Director and/or Director of Studies. You may be asked to meet the Education Liaison Officer or Course Director to discuss why you wish to change course and how you plan on catching up on any missed work.


Communication of Decision

You will receive an email confirmation accepting or denying your transfer request.

If your request is denied, there is no opportunity to appeal the decision.

If your request is accepted, you will be registered for your new course and/or module by the department's Professional Services team and you will receive a new timetable, accessible via tabula. You will be informed by the Professional Services team via email when your change has been completed.