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Election and Course Representatives

The following students have made themselves electable as course representatives for Warwick Foundation Studies 2019-20.

Course Rep for Maths and Statistics


Tang Yimin

I used to be a math and English course representative in school, and I like talking with people. With my experience and enthusiasm, I hope that all of us can benefit from the course.


Yu Jiguang

I want to become a course representative because these reasons: 1. Experienced. I was a course representative at high school students for 3 years. I know how to be a good course representative and how to better serve my classmates and our teachers. 2. Have perseverance. No matter how hard it is, I will continue to do it. Listen to the opinions and suggestions from the students humbly, correct the mistakes in time. 3. Responsible. I have always felt that the course representative is a model for the students.

Chen Guzehong

I want to be outstand and I am willing to help classmates


Shi Yanlin

I want to become a course representative because I like IFP very much and I am eager to be more engaged in IFP and contribute to it.

Xiang Xu

I hope to get more opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and also help improve my performance in IFP.


Nikita Mishankin

I consider myself competent enough to take responsibility of course representative and bring significant improvements.

Zhao Qixuan

I want to understand the curriculum design system, engage with the design of my course and improve my C.V.


Course Reps for Arts and Humanities


Course Reps for Law and Politics

Chen Griffith

i want to become a course representative because i want to be a communication bridge between classmate and tutor.


Melissa Sam

I want to become a course representative because I believe that I display great leadership skills through the way I interact with my peers and also through initiative. Also I believe I am fit for this role because I have the best interest of my peers at heart and would like to be able to provide be better learning experience for them.

Zhao Zoey

I want to contribute to Arts and Humanities courses as it is a brand new course in IFP which will need more feedback from students.Being a course representative is a great way to have influence on the department and make the course to develop better . I also hope to get involved in the university life and improve my communication skill.


Chidumam Onyewuchi

I want to be given the responsibility to represent my course, be a part in decision formulation regarding my course and voicing the opinions of my course mates in a bid to make the IFP as enjoyable as possible for all concerned!



Venya Gavarasana

I want a platform where I can help convey student perspectives and participate actively in any positive way I can.

Course Rep for Social Sciences
(No vote necessary)

Xuanrui Lu

I am passionate to provide my advice that can help IFP function better. If I have the influence on the decision-making,I will try my best to contribute to the development and continuous improvement of the course.


Course Reps for Psychology


Zhang Yiran

I want to become a course representative because I thank the IFP team so much, they have helped me a lot so far. Considering they will help me in the following months, I really would like to do something to help develop the IFP better. I think it's a requiting also a duty for me. Also, I have the confidence to give some constructive advice to the IFP.


Duan Yiling

I want to become a course representative because I think I have the ability to help others and I had experience of be a representative.

Dea Qylafi

I want to gain an experience of giving a try to make a change in public opinion about psychology and why not make an effort to improve the course of our university.


Maryam Al Mandi

I would like to experience a greater responsibility being part of a more sophisticated team in comparison to previous school councils.