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Accessibility on Campus at WBS

Reception and Main Entry and Exit to the Building

  • The South entrance has both an accessible ramp with railings or stair access.
  • The North entrance has a street level entrance, with 2 accessible car parking spaces/designated staff only car parking spaces. (Please email the Facilities to book an accessible car parking space:

Lift Access

  • Upon entry to MBA Block
  • 2 lifts in the Central Atrium
  • Upon entry to South Reception

All other rooms and levels are accessible via our lifts, without the need to use stairs.

All our stairwells have hand rails.

Accessible Lecture Theatres

The following Lecture Theatres have stair lifts, (please note Lecture Theatres do not have automatic doors):

  • 0.006 Lecture Theatre
  • 0.301 Lecture Theatre
  • 1.009 Lecture Theatre
  • 1.301 Lecture Theatre
  • 3.006 Lecture Theatre
  • (0.004 Lecture Theatre - no stair lift but accessible entrance on ground floor)
  • (2.004 Lecture Theatre - no stair lift but accessible entrance on 2nd floor)

Automatic doors

The majority of our main through fare access doors are fitted with automated openers, that open at the touch of a button or scan of your ID card, this includes:

  • Main entry to North and South receptions
  • Upon entry and exit to the PG Student Lounge (0.010)
  • Upon entry and exit to the PG Group Work Space (0.101)
  • Upon entry and exit to the PG Learning Grid (1.002)
  • Upon entry and exit to the UG Space (0.002)
  • Upon entry and exit to the UG Reception (0.002b)
  • Upon entry and exit to the Ground Floor MBA Lounge (0.306)
  • Upon entry and exit to Careers Plus (0.012)
  • Upon entry and exit to the External Bike Store via the building


On every floor of our building we have multiple Accessible, Female and Male toilets, we also have a RADAR toilet on the Ground floor in the MBA block; (upon entry on the right hand side), for which users require a RADAR key.

Accessible toilets are available throughout the building, the majority are located surrounding the central lift shafts on all floors, and on each floor above the South Reception side of the building.

Accessible toilets are fitted with panic/assistance request alarms.

We will soon be undertaking further building works to refurbish our toilet provision.


Accessible Shower:

  • Along 'The Street' opposite our Careers Plus Reception

Shower Rooms:

  • Ground floor - Opposite Careers Plus Reception
  • Ground floor - by exit to bike store
  • 1st floor - Opposite central lift shaft
  • 2nd floor - Opposite central lift shaft

Guidance on Support Animals on Campus

  • For advice and guidance on bringing support animals such as guide/support dogs to site, please contact the Wellbeing Team; Wellbeing & Student Support

Fire Refuge Areas and PEEPS

The University of Warwick actively encourages all staff and students with a disability to make themselves known and are encouraged to complete an independent assessment, which will determine the level of assistance which may be required for safe evacuation of a building in an emergency.

If you feel that you need a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) the Independent Assessment Tool will help the University identify the appropriate emergency response requirements and the assistance you may require.

This can be found via the following link here: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) ( .

Refuge Points are designated areas within our buildings that are designed specifically for evacuation, whereby Community Safety can access you to evacuate you from the building. Refuge points will provide a minimum protection of 30 minutes. To know where your nearest refuge point is, you can search via the interactive map .

For people who are D/deaf

  • We provide a text relay service for people who are D/deaf, hearing impaired or have a speech impediment.
  • Our offices have audio induction loops, or if you contact us before your visit we can arrange a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter.

Other Access Requirements

Infant Feeding Rooms:

A list of milk expressing/infant nursing facilities on campus can be found here: Infant Feeding Rooms (

Faith Prayer Rooms:

A list of faith prayer rooms on campus can be found here: Faith Prayer Rooms on Campus