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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is a personal plan for staff and students who require assistance or special arrangements in order to get to safety during an evacuation. This only applies to certain individuals.

The University of Warwick actively encourages all staff and students who cannot evacuate a building on their own to complete an initial online assessment, which will help determine the level of assistance which may be required for safe evacuation of a building in an emergency.

Please click on the relevant link below to start your assessment:



Once you have completed the assessment a member of the University Team will be in touch, to discuss the next steps. If it is found that you need a PEEP then we will arrange for the University Fire Safety Adviser and your Local Disability Coordinator to meet with you and look at the resources available to support you to get to safety in an emergency.

General Guidance

  • Add the University‚Äôs emergency number in your mobile phone – 024765 22222;
  • Always be prepared to move away from immediate danger – visible smoke and flames, for example;
  • If you think that the speed at which you are able to leave the building may have the potential to cause you injury as other people pass you more quickly in corridors and on stairways, or that you do not want to feel pressured to move more quickly then give consideration to waiting until those moving at a quicker speed have passed before continuing your evacuation;
  • Make your first objective to get a fire door between you and the incident
  • When on the upper floors of a building, move into a stairwell enclosure remote from the incident;
  • You will only be evacuated if it is judged to be necessary by Community Safety, in consultation with the Fire and Rescue Service.

Refuge Points

Refuge Points are designated areas within our buildings that are designed specifically for evacuation, whereby Community Safety can reach you in order to evacuate you from the building. Refuge points will provide a minimum protection of 30 minutes.