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November 2016

The entreprenuerial mindset: Creating an innovation culture

The Enterprise at Warwick Conference 2016, in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship week, will be hosted by Warwick Business School and sponsored by UBS. This exciting event will be split into two with the afternoon focussing on pre-experienced students and budding early stage entrepreneurs. The evening will see local entrepreneurs, postgraduate student entrepreneurs, angel investors, corporate companies and academics come together to network and knowledge share with each other.


'Building a workforce of entrepreneurs'

Understand how strong entrepreneurial mindsets within a team can influence the success and innovation of any business, large or small! Consider the impact of integrating enterprise into the higher education curriculum and what that means for talent pipelines for companies.

'The impact of innovation'
Explore how Universities collaborative research is supporting the Midlands local growth agenda and local businesses. Gain best practice tips for small companies from founders of successful companies whose innovations have had real impact!


 andrew_bacon.jpg     Andrew Bacon OBE,
CEO, Enactus UK
 JamieB     James Broderick
CEO, UBS Wealth Management
 Angela     Angela Fitzpatrick
Co-founder & CEO, The Reelfish Co.
 JamesH     Professor James Hayton
Dean, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations
 John Lyon     Professor John Lyon
Associate Dean (Coprate Relations), WBS
 Sophia     Sophia Nadur
Co-founder, Tg green teas
 Stephen Roper     Professor Stephen Roper
Professor of Enterprise, Director of ERC, WBS

This conference is proudly sponsored by UBS

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