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The Fifth European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Capabilities

2-3 April, 2004
University of Innsbruck, Austria

    Organizing committee

      Birgit Renzl, Assistant Professor, Center of Strategic Management & Leadership, University of Innsbruck

      Hans H. Hinterhuber, Director, Center of Strategic Management & Leadership, University of Innsbruck, Austria

      Kurt Matzler, Professor of Marketing and International Management, University of Klagenfurt, Austria

      Further members of Conference Organization:

      Sabine Uitz, Student, University of Innsbruck
      Florian Schluifer, Student, University of Innsbruck
      Andrea Bachlechner, Student, University of Innsbruck

      Many thanks also to the members of the Center of Strategic Management & Leadership for their assistance and support: Dagmar Abfalter, Andrea Mayr, Margit Raich, Sandra Rothenberger, and Christian Stadler.

      Scientific committee

      • Mats Alvesson, Lund University, Sweden
      • Rafael Andreu, IESE, Spain
      • Hubert Biedermann, Mining University of Leoben, Austria
      • Eduard Bonet, ESADE, Spain
      • Thomas Durand, Ecole Centrale de Paris, France
      • Ellen Enkel, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
      • Robert D. Galliers, LSE, Bentley College, USA
      • Sirkka Jarvenpaa, University of Texas, USA
      • Georg von Krogh, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
      • Seija Kulkki, Helsinki School of Economics and Business, Finland
      • Gabriele Lakomski, The University of Melbourne, Australia
      • Mette Monsted, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
      • Nicos Mylonopoulos, ALBA, Greece
      • Sue Newell, Bentley College, US
      • Klaus North, University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Margit Osterloh, University of Zurich, Switzerland
      • Peter Pawlowsky, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany
      • Gilbert Probst, University of Geneva, Switzerland
      • Rüdiger Reinhardt, MCI, Austria
      • Maxine Robertson, University of Warwick, UK
      • Friedrich Roithmayr, University of Innsbruck, Austria
      • Jill Shepherd, University of Strathclyde, UK
      • Harry Scarbrough, University of Warwick, UK
      • Ursula Schneider, University of Graz, Austria
      • Georg Schreyögg, Free University Berlin, Germany
      • Sandra Sieber, IESE, Spain
      • Jacky Swan, University of Warwick, UK
      • Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD, France
      • Haridimos Tsoukas, ALBA, Greece and University of Warwick, UK
      • Salvatore Vicari, Bocconi University, Italy


      16 March - Reception for PhD Workshop (5pm)

      17 March - PhD Workshop (9am-4pm)

      17 March - Reception for Main Conference (5pm)

      18-19 March - Main Conference (9am-6pm)

      Main topics

      • Managing Organizational Knowledge and Competence
      • Intangible Assets and Social, Intellectual and Cultural Capital
      • Knowledge Creation and Innovation
      • Communities of Practice, Knowledge Networks and Networking
      • Epistemology of Knowledge
      • Leadership and HRM in Knowledge-based Organizations
      • Practitioners' Track

      Distinguished guest speakers 

      • Manfried Gantner, Rector University of Innsbruck
      • Reinhold Karner, CEO KTW Software & Consulting
      • Franz-Josef Kortüm, President & CEO Webasto AG

      Keynote speakers

      • Ron Sanchez, Visiting Professor of Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Linden Visiting Professor of Industrial Analysis, Lund University, Sweden - "Managing the Five Learning Cycles of the Competent Organization"

      • Dirk Ramhorst, Chief Knowledge Officer, Siemens AG, Siemens Business Services, Germany - "Siemens - Bringing the Global Network of Innovation to Life"

      • Jean Lave, Professor of Education and Geography, University of Berkeley, California - "Communities of Practice as Inter-Generation-al Relations"


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