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Bernardo Bariz-Lazo
Professor of Business History and Bank Management,
Bangor University.

From cash, to plastic, to mobile payments: Discussing the evolution of monetary forms(PDF Document)

Daniel Beunza and Yuval Millo
LSE and University of Leicester.

Blended Automation and beyond: algorithmic pricing and its implications for the sociology of markets(PDF Document)
Pinar Ozcan
Warwick Business School.
The Market That (Finally) Was: A brief History of NFC Mobile Payments(PDF Document)

Susan Johnson
Director, Centre for Development Studies,
University of Bath


Relational Financial Repertoires: Explaining Financial Inclusion in Kenya(PDF Document)

Carlos J Menendez
President Enterprise Growth & Partnerships
Digital Innovation in Payments:Transforming Urban Mobility (PDF Document)
Dr. Carsten Sørensen
Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Innovation, London School of Economics
Digitalisation Challenges (PDF Document)
Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch
CEO and Founder, Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd. & Business Development, Europe,
Shape of things to come:Mobile Money, Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking, Mobile Commerce (PDF Document)
Dr. Leda Glyptis
Director, Sapient
Disruption in the payments industry (PDF Document)
Marc O'Brien
Partner, Capco
Evolution of Monetary Forms (PDF Document)
Susanne Chishti
 Digital Innovation in the Payments Industry (PDF Document)

Joe Deville
Department of Organisation, Work and Technology/Sociology

 The matter of payment(Powerpoint Presentation)
Claire Alexandre
Head of Commercial & Streategy,
Vodafone Mobile Payments
MPesa:Mobile Money at Scale(Powerpoint Presentation)
Dr Kimmo Soramaki
Founder, Financial Network Analytics
Transactional data, analytics and algorithms(Powerpoint Presentation)

Brett Scott
Author; The Heretics Guide to Global Finance

The heretics guide to global finance(PDF Document)