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CLAHRC West Midlands

Theme 5: Implementation & Organisational Studies

The new NIHR CLAHRC WM is a five-year initiative which commenced in January 2014 with a mission to create lasting and effective collaborations across health and social care organisations, universities (Birmingham, Warwick, and Keele) and local authorities to improve the services delivered for patient benefit.
Five-year funding of £10 million for the CLAHRC WM has been obtained from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) which was boosted by a further £20.6 million from local health and social services.

Warwick Business School (WBS) is receiving £1.25 million of the NIHR funding to support a team of WBS and WMS researchers, led by Professor Graeme Currie, which forms one of the cross-cutting themes within the CLAHRC, Theme 5: Implementation and Organisational Studies (IOS).

What we do

Theme 5 is providing collaborative support to the service themes of the CLAHRC WM and conducting independent research on the basis of learning across themes. IOS researchers offer a sustained collaborative link between the IOS theme and each service themes within the CLAHRC, and between the IOS theme and CLAHRC WM NHS partners.

Our researchers have some of their time dedicated to carrying out research directly in one of our CLAHRC WM NHS partners (e.g. Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital Trust; Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust; Heart of England Foundation Trust; and University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire) with the long-term objective that formative feedback arising from the studies gives rise to service impact in real time.

We are also capacity building for the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) - this consists of teaching masterclasses to NHS members on "Managing and approaching change" on which Graeme Currie has taken the lead.