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OHRN - Research

OHRN has a large cadre of PhD students (currently 14) focused upon healthcare research. We are particularly proud of the fact most of our students have obtained funding for their research either by the University, the ESRC, industry partners (e.g. Boots), and/or NHS Trusts – where they are engaging in collaborative work with local NHS Trusts.

PhD Projects

Our curent PhD projects are:

  • A New Vision for Patient Safety Learning: Conceptualizing Unlearning in Routines and Practices. [with Heart of England Foundation Trust]
  • Board decision-making & strategic innovation.
  • Risk & decision-making in mental health.
  • An ethnographic study exploring the influence of social and policy contexts on top team strategic management activities
    in an NHS hospital.
  • Modelling the Healthcare Pathway for Individuals with Frailty [with Shrewsbury & Telford Foundation Trust] - Privacy Statement for this study accessible here
  • Strategic Process Optimization in Healthcare Services for Frailty [with Shrewsbury & Telford Foundation Trust]
  • From Antiseptics to Antibiotics: What Part Did Boots The Chemists Play in Shaping People‚Äôs Choices and Behaviours in Relation to Family Health 1900 – 1960? [funded by the ESRC, in collaboration with the History Department at Warwick]
  • Board Management Effectiveness.
  • Co-Ordinating Care in CAMHS.
  • Looking into efficiency of leadership development programme at University Hospital Coventry Warwickshire (UHCW).
  • Transition in Mental Health and Community Care. [with Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust]
  • Patient Safety and Eating Disorders. [with Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust]

Our recently completed PhD projects:

  • Examining Workforce Development to Support Improvement for Older People Wishing to Remain in Their Homes. (Dr Yaru Chen).
  • Reconceptualising Organisational Identity: A Critical Realist Case Study Of The Heritage Of Alliance Boots. (Dr Gary Kerridge)
  • Inter-Organisational Learning During Extreme Events. (Dr Gareth Owen)