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PPI Study Group

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours."
— John Locke

Meet the author: Professor Mark de Rond

This year the PPI Study Group will engage closely with the work of Professor Mark de Rond. This is an opportunity to reflect on the contribution of Professor Mark de Rond’s research for ethnographic studies, organisation studies and life and work in extreme contexts. We will start by reading and discussing some of Professor Mark de Rond’s most emblematic studies. In the third and final session of this year’s PPI study group, Professor Mark de Rond will join us.

Key dates:

May 1: Reading group meeting in room 2.005 (14.00-15.00)

May 15: Reading group meeting in room 1.007 (14.00-15.00)

June 3: Meeting with Prof De Rond room 2.003 (13.00-15.00; lunch from 12.30)

Please register your interest here.

Contact Jose Bento-da-Silva for more information .

PPI study group 2019

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