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Seminars 2022/23

* Seminar time will be 1:30 - 3:00pm unless stated otherwise.
Date Venue



14th September 2022

*3:00 - 5:00pm


Professor Xueming Luo

Temple University

AI/ML Frontiers for Marketing and Management Analytics

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19th October 2022

WBS, Room 3.007

Dr Qiqi Jiang

Copenhagen Business School

Keep Looking up: Investigating Firms' Impression Management Strategy after Data Breach

To register please email ism at wbs dot ac dot uk

16th November 2022

WBS, Room 0.009

Dr Jason Chan

Carlson School of Management

Policing the Police: Examining the Role of News Reports on Racially-Biased Policing

To register please email ism at wbs dot ac dot uk

23rd November 2022

WBS, Lecture Theatre 3.006

Dr Aron Lindberg

Stevens Institute of Technology

Making Sense of Digital Geographies: An Ethnographic Study of a Metaverse

To register please email ism at wbs dot ac dot uk

30th November 2022



Professor Fiona Nah

City University of Hong Kong

Uncovering the Values of the Metaverse: A Value-Focused Thinking Approach

Please email ism at wbs dot ac dot uk for the Microsoft Teams link to join this seminar

6th December 2022

Room 1.005

Dr Ben Choi

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Encouraging Eco-Driving with Post-Trip Visualized Storytelling: An Experiment Combining Eye-Tracking and Driving Simulator

To register please email ism at wbs dot ac dot uk

Previous Seminars 2021/22

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14th April 2021 Dr Ning Nan UBC Sauder School of Business - Design without Final Goals: Organizing Digital Resources for Continued Strategy Renewal

17th February 2021 Professor Carmelo Cennamo Copenhagen Business School - The "love effect" in crowdfunding markets: How platform selective of projects affect value creation
3rd February 2021 Professor Susan Scott LSE - Digital Displacement: How Digitalization Affects Industry Standards
14th October 2020 Professor Robert Davison - The Coordination of Workarounds: Insights from a Mandated Global Enterprise System that Does Not Fit Local Realities