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Seminars 2020/21

Previous seminars - 2019/20

17th October 2019 Professor Michael Myers, University of Auckland, New Zealand Users don't matter members do: Reconceptualizing users as members in information systems

27th November 2019 Dr. Gordon Burtch, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis - Peer Awards Increase User Content Generation But Reduce Content Novelty

11th December 2019 Dr. Ben Choi Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - An Integrative Perspective of Social Comparison on Social Fitness Apps

10th February 2020 Professor Ola Henfridsson, Miami Herbert Business School - Developing your research portfolio

25th February 2020 Professor Natalia Levina, NYU Stern School of Business - Should AI be making your next medical diagnosis? Examining the valuation apparatus of organizational leaders considering AI tool adoption

11th March 2020 Professor Juliano Sutanto, Lancaster University - Natural Disaster Response: Decision-Making, Communication and Coordination

29th June 2020 Professor Ann Majchrzak, University of California - Unleashing the Crowds: Open Strategizing with Wicked Business and Societal Problems