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Autumn Term 2018

Time for all seminars, unless otherwise indicated is 2:00 - 3:30pm

Spring Term 2019

Summer Term

Date Room Speaker Institution Title of paper
Wednesday 15 May


(please note change of room)

Professor Yulin Fang City University of Hong Kong Managing Collective Enterprise Information Systems Compliance - A Social Performance Management Context Perspective
Tuesday 28 May

Executive Office

Boardroom 4.003

Professor Alok Gupta University of Minnesota Collaboration and Delegation Between Humans and AI: Experimental Investigation of the Future of Work

Previous seminars - 2017/18

Speaker: Professor Arun Rai, Georgia State University
Title: How Does Third-Party Developers' Adoption of a Platform’s APIs Influence Their Continued New App Development? A Competing Risk Analysis

Speaker: Professor Monideepa Tarafdar, Lancaster University
Title: Impact of the information technology unit on information technology-embedded product innovation

Speaker: Professor Nicholas Berente, University of Georgia
Title: TBA
Date: Wednesday 13 June 2018 @ 2pm - room 1.009
Speaker: Professor Sirkka Jarvenpaa, University of Texas at Austin
Title: TBA
Date: Thursday 21 June 2018 @ 2pm - room TBA

Speaker: Professor Robert Davison, City University Hong Kong
Title: Knowledge Sharing in a Global Logistics Provider: an action research project

Speaker: Professor Michael Myers, University of Auckland Business School
Title: Our Digital World: New Challenges for IS Research

Speaker: Professor Lars Bo Jeppesen, Copenhagen Business School
Title: Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding without Private Claims

Speaker: Professor Richard Baskerville, Georgia State University
Title: Information Security in a Digital World

Speaker: Professor Martin Kilduff, UCL School of Management
Title: Basking or Melting in the Reflected Glow? The Effects of High-Reputation Connections on Expectations and Evaluations of Employees

Speaker: Professor Steve Woolgar, Said Business School
Title: It Could Be Otherwise, in times of trouble

Seminars 2016-17

Speaker: Professor Diane Bailey, University of Texas at Austin
Title: The Co-evolution of Objects and Boundaries: Materiality, Affordances, and the Communication of Knowledge in a Global Product Development Firm

Speaker: Professor Elizabeth Davidson, University of Hawaii Manoa

Title: Investigating Values in Personal Health Data Governance Models

Speaker: Dr Emmanuelle Vaast, McGill University

Title: Identity work in a new occupation’s online community - A grounded process model of a data scientists’ community

Speaker: Professor Suprateek Sarker, University of Virginia, USA

Title: The Practice of Qualitative Research in the IS Discipline: An Evolutionary View and Some Implications for Authors and Evaluators

Speaker: Professor Anne-Laure Fayard, New York University

Title: Brokering for Social Impact: creating a generative space to foster collaborative problem-solving for grant challenges

Speaker: Professor Daniel Veit, University of Augsburg

Title: Sustainable Technology Adoption in the Residental Sector: a mixed-methods study

Speaker: Dr Pinar Ozcan Van Ren

Title: Playing cat and mouse: Contests over regulatory categorization of dietary supplements in the U.S.

Speaker: Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Cambridge Judge Business School

Title: Sensemaking from the neck down: a practice perspective (with Issac Holeman and Mark de Rond)

Speaker: Tony Munton
Title: How to Turn a Good Manager into a Great One: developing a framework for integration and decision making

Speaker: Professor Chee-Wee Tan, Copenhagen Business School

Title: Digital Platform Competition: The Case UK Mobile Payment Platforms

Speaker: Professor Chrisanthi Avgerou, London School of Economics

Title: Context in IS research: is it relevant in post-humanist approaches?

Speaker: Dr Stella Pachidi, Cambridge Judge Business School

Title: Epistemologies in Clash: Encountering Analytics in Knowledge Work

Speaker: Professor Giovan Francesco Lanzara, University of Bologna

Title: Shifting practices

Seminars 2015-16

Speaker: Professor Sunil Mithas, University of Maryland

Title: Does Platform Owner's Entry crowd out Innovation? Evidence from Google photos

Speaker: Professor Marleen Huysman, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Title: Through the eyes of others: how onlookers shape the use of technology at work

Speaker: Dr Yuval Millo (Leicester), Dr Nikiforos Panourgias (Leicester), Dr Markos Zachariadis (WBS)

Title: From an identifier to a global infrastructure for systemic risk management in financial markets: the challenges of establishing the Legal Entity Identifier data standard

Speaker: Professor Hans Berends, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Title: The development of open platform strategies in home automation

Speaker: Dr Aron Lindberg, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Title: How Online Communities Coordinate Complex Interdependencies through Routing Structuring: A study of an Open Source Software Project

Speaker: Professor Theodore Vurdubakis, Lancaster University Management School

Title: Economies of Appearances: Data Practices, Visibility Regimes and Environmental Law Enforcement in the Brazilian Amazon

Speaker: Dr Marco Marabelli, Bentley University

Title: Understanding Social Media Use: How Far will College Student Sampling Take Us?

Speaker: Professor Jonathan Hindmarsh, King's College, London

Title: Sociomaterial configurations and interactional practices: Unpacking collaborations in robotically-assisted surgery

Speaker: Professor Jonny Holmstrom, Umea Universitet, Sweden

Title: Representation and Mediation in Digitalized Work: A Sociomaterial Analysis of Networked Maintenance of Mining Machinery

Speaker: Professor Kai-Lung Hui, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Title: See No Evil, Hear No Evil? Dissecting the Impact of Online Hacker Forums

Speaker: Professor Michael Jacobides, London Business School

Title: Trailblazers, laggards and the contingent value of scope changes over the industry life-cycle: US Bank Holding Company dynamics, 1990-2015

Speaker: Professor Rajiv Kohli, College of William & Mary, USA

Title: Who kicks whom? Exploring the Relationship between Organizational Performan and IT Us

Speaker: Dr Lisen Selander, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Title: Digital Action Repertoires at Amnesty International

Speaker: Professor Josianne Marsan

Title: Health Co-operatives Readiness for Open Source Electronic Personal Health Record

Speaker: Professor Richard Vidgen, Univesity of Hull

Title: Creating business value from Big Data analysis

Speaker: Professor Lars Mathiassen, Georgia State University

Title: Organizational Path Constitution in Technological Innovation: evidence from rural telehealth

Speaker: Dr Liette Lapointe, McGill University, Canada

Title: What is Yours is Mine: A Social Capital Perspective on How IT Champions Secure Socially Held Resources

Speaker: Dr Mark Thompson, Cambridge Judge Business School

Title: The social potency of affect: Identification, power, and the immanent structuring of practice (with Hugh Willmott)

Speaker: Professor Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University

Title: Making and breaking rules in information technology (IT) rich environments: The role of meaning and time in organizational regulation

Speaker: Professor Carsten Sorensen, London School of Economics

Title: Digital Innovation Challenges: Apple's IOS Platform Dynamics

Speaker: Professor Jonny Holmström, Umea University

Title: Tracing cascades of Digital Innovation: cognitive change and identity collapse in a newspaper organization

Speaker: Dr Antonio Cordella, London School of Economics

Title: Technology, Bureaucracy and Government: how technology re-composes administrative decentralization

Speaker: Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Cass Business School

Title: Between Deliberate and Emergent: the role of practical coping in strategy making

Speaker: Professor Jochen Runde, Cambridge Judge Business School

Title: Developing an ontology of technology

Speaker: Professor Daniel Neyland, Goldsmiths, University of London

Title: Algorithmic Accountability

Speaker: Professor Paolo Quattrone, University of Edinburgh Business School

Title: Finance Matters: doubt, inventory and invention 

Speaker: Professor Ole Hanseth (Oslo) & Dr Bjørn Erik Mørk (Oslo/WBS)

Title: Practice as Digital Infrastructure


Title: Unexpected Trajectories in Global Collaborative Innovation: Developing Mobile Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Speaker: Professor Yuval Milo, University of Leicester

Title: Where do Electronic Markets Come From? Regulation and the Transformation of Financial Exchanges

Speaker: Dr Matthew Jones, University of Cambridge

Title: Sociomateriality and the problem of the concept in management research

Speaker: Professor Youngjin Yoo

Title: Digital Design Tools and the Temporality of Design: A case of Semiconductor Chip Design

Speakers: Professor Natalia Levina (NYU Stern and WBS) & Dr Emmanouil Gkeredakis (WBS and NYU Stern)

Title: Exploring IT-enabled opportunities for crowdsourcing new knowledge productions: An Epistemic Stance Perspective (In collaboration with Anne Laure Fayard, NYU)

Seminars 2012-2013

Speaker: Professor Allen Lee, Virginia Commonwealth University

Title: The Next Step After the Review Process for the Rejected paper

Speaker: Professor Paul Carlile

Title: A history of accumulating interests: Fuelling the fire of information systems emergence

Speaker: Professor Natalia Levina, Warwick Business School

Title: Dealing with newly tainted work in an accupational online community: A story of bankers deal with new moral taint following the financial crisis of 2008

Speaker: Professor Mike King

Title: Beyond CIO: Concept is Over

Speaker: Professor Mike Chiasson

Title: How is IS research elevant to the future?

Speaker: Professor Robert Galliers

Title: The Teaching of Qualitative Research Methods in PhD programmes: An explorative study utilizing learning theory - evidence from the field of information systems

Speaker: Dr Neil Pollock

Title: The Venues of High Tech Prediction: towards a sociology of Business Knowledge

Speaker: Professor Yuval Millo

Title: Social Algorithms of the New York Stock Exchange

Seminars 2011-2012

Speaker: Professor Natalia Levina

Title: Distrinction and Status in User-Generated Content Platforms

Speaker: Professor Ola Henfridsson

Title: Managing technological Change in the Digital Age: The Role of Architectural Frames

Speaker: Professor Bart van den Hooff

Title: Cracking the core: How core members of electronic Networks of Practice contribute to organisational learning

Speaker: Professor Aubert Benoit

Title: Impact of IT Offshoring

Speaker: Professor Jens Dibbern

Title: Towards a Process Theory of the Governance of Application Software Offshore Outsourcing Relationships

Seminars 2010-2011

Speaker: Professor Sirkka Jarvenpaa

Title:Development of Transactive Memory Systems in Globally Distributed Teams and Organizations

Speaker: Dr Soanee Sarker

Title: Work-life balance in Globally Distributed ISD: a multi-method program of study

Speaker: Professor Richard Baskerville

Title: Design Theorizing individual Information Systems

Speaker: Professor Erran Carmel

Title: The Impact of Time Zone Differences in the Global IT Industry

Speaker: Professor Natalia Levina

Title: When present meets past: Onshore immigrants managing offshored software development and engineering projects

Seminars 2009-2010

Speaker: Professor Gianluca Miscione

Title: Discursive Identities and Productivity Rituals: a case study of a law firm

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Spased

Title: Innovation in Video Games Development


Seminars 2008-2009

Speaker: Dr Susan Scott

Title: Getting the Truth: Exploring the material grounds of institutional Dynamis in Social Media

Speakers: Nikiforos Panourgias (WBS), Frans Feldberg (Vrije University, Amsterdam), Alex Schouten (Vrije University, Amsterdam)

Title: Interdisciplinary Innovation and Virtual Worlds Seminar

Speaker: Professor Richard Boland, Case Western Reserve University , USA

Title: Innovation in the Digital Era: Digitalization and four classes of innovation networks

Speaker: Chris Sauer, Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Title: Information Systems Project Performance: A continuing Journey

Seminars 2007-2008

Speaker: Professor Allen Lee, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Title: A Scheme for Relating and Combining Quantitative, Qualitative, Positivist and Interpretive Research Methods in the Discipline of Information Systems

Speaker: Professor Dick Scott, Stanford, USA

Title: The maturation of institutional theory

Speaker: Dr Matti Rossi, HSE, Finland

Title: Action Design: a fresh approach to information systems research

Speaker: Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Limerick, Ireland

Title: Open Source Software Adoption: Anatomy of Success and Failure

Speaker: Professor Geoff Walsham, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Title: Balancing Local Knowledge within Global Organisations through Computer-Based Systems: An Activity theory approach

Speaker: Dr Matthew Jones, University of Cambridge

Title: The Body of Practice

Speaker: Professor Andrew Brown, University of Bath

Title: Discursive Identities and Productivity Rituals: a case study of a law firm