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Industry Projects

For the second time in a few years, we asked the MSOR course at Warwick to provide us with a student to carry out their end of year project on an area that we required some insight into, in this case stock and inventory control. As with our first project, the student carried out a detailed and accurate review of our requirements then produced a sophisticated solution taking into account all sorts of parameters that we would never have considered, but showed themselves to be vital in enabling us to accurartely plan our ordering regime. Working with these extraordinarily bright students at Warwick has been both valuable and pleasurable. I addition the results have been precisely what we required so I would highly recommend anyone to make use of this tremendous facility.
Anthony Lovat, OPRO

Graduates of the degrees are in high demand by industry and the course hosts a number of recruitment events each year. Organisations that have specifically targeted students from the MSc BAC and MSOR in the past 12 months have included AVIS Budget EMEA, IBM, NationalExpress, Proctor and Gamble and many more visiting in the past few years. A key part of both programmes is the final external organisation-based consultancy project. This income generating activity (each project costs the hosting company a certain amount - please, ask for current fees - per student) is extremely popular with a diverse range of external organisations and a significant number of projects take place each year. Organisations that have run projects in the past year include Santander, Virgin Media, AOM, Pepsico, Red Bull Racing, Sunningdale Golf Club, Warwickshire County Council, the NHS and the Home Office. This diversity of organisation shows the immense breadth of demand for people with the skills that the MSc BAC and MSOR produce.

As such, our graduates can be found in a wide variety of organisations and as the number of recruitment visits and projects show, there is high market demand for skilled professionals with analytical and OR knowledge. Typical graduate destinations are:

  • HSBC- Research Analyst
  • PWC- Associate
  • Government- Government Economics Service
  • Ernst and Young - Consultant
  • Boston Consulting Group – Consultant
  • LEK Consulting- Consultant
  • Steer Davies Gleave – Consultant
  • Citibank – Management Associate
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper - Associate Auditor
  • Capital One –Senior Business Analyst
  • Abbey – Risk Analyst
  • OR Consultant – British Airways