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Qian Li

Qian LiDr Li is an Assistant Professor at Warwick Business School. She trained at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the U.S. and received her PhD from Cass Business School, City, University of London in the U.K. She also holds a research master’s degree from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Her research explores the discursive and practice perspectives of strategy work in the context of digital innovation.

Research Interests

Strategy as practice; discursive construction; qualitative research methods; venture strategize; FinTech; digital transformation


Li, Q. (2023). Reinterpreting interviews with technology-based start-up founders about culture: How assumption and attention to mode-based nuances can shape qualitative research. In Sage Research Methods: Business. SAGE Publications.

Li, Q. (2022). Sensitizing social interaction with a mode-enhanced transcribing process. Organizational Research Methods, 0(0), 1-26.

Elias, S. R. S. T. A., Chiles, T. H., Li, Q. and D’Andrea, F. M. C. (2020). Austrian Economics and Organizational Entrepreneurship: A Typology. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. 23(3-4): 312-354.

Chiles, T. H., Elias, S. R. S. T. A. and Li, Q. (2018). Entrepreneurship as process. In Ann Langley and Haridimos Tsoukas (eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Process Organization Studies (pp. 432-450). London: Sage.

Availability for Ph.D Supervision and Suggested Topics

Empirically, I would be interested in 1) strategy work in FinTech ventures and 2) digital transformation in incumbent industries and professional organizations, e.g., financial services, construction industry, military organizations, which I have direct research experience or supervising experience

Theoretically, I would only supervise students using qualitative research methods with a practice or discursive perspective.