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Before you get exploring though, why not find out more about how we run our modules? Discover how they are more intensive than typical modules at Warwick, and what they offer you.

Residential modules

WIISP Residential modules - Video transcript

The Warwick International Intensive Study Programmes residential modules provide you with an opportunity to attend classes at various dynamic European locations, such as Venice and Brussels.

These modules, which extend and expand on the subject matter, can comprise complementary site visits, guest lecturers and/or activities alongside the academic curriculum.

Participants benefit from all aspects of the Alliance Intensive Study Programme, which includes:

- Typically studying alongside students from top international universities, such as Monash and EUTOPIA partners

- Learning collaboratively and connecting with others to experience innovative, active learning, which applies theory to real world issues whilst working in teams and individually

- Through global exposure and experience, gaining new employability skills relevant to today's globalised world

- Access to a complementary enhancement programme.

Subject to meeting eligibility criteria, participants attending residential modules may have access to Turing funding.

See the website for more details.

What's special about our modules?

This programme will challenge your thinking, develop your confidence and open up a world of new opportunities. You’ll consider new ideas, apply theory to real world issues working in teams and individually, and develop new networks, connections and friendships. This will provide you strong analytical and research methods skills which also enhance your employability profile for a globalised world of work, derived from a transformative blend of online learning and intercultural engagement.

Access to Intercultural Training and Undergraduate Research schemes will provide further enhancement of your skills.

The intensive nature of our programme lets you focus purely on your chosen modules.

You should expect one to two weeks of daily face-to-face sessions (on campus or online as appropriate and possible) and one to two weeks of online activities. The aim is to work in groups consisting of incoming students (usually including Monash students) and Warwick students during the module. Assessments will consist of a mix of group and individual activities.

There are no additional programme fees for Warwick students to take our modules.

When do our modules take place?

Our intensive modules will be taught in short concentrated blocks during May, June and July, to fit around and after the Warwick exam timetable. WIISP has been carefully designed to make the most of your time.

Where will you be taught?

Our intensive modules are taught in various ways: either blended (combing online learning and face-to-face teaching) or fully online. Blended modules will be based at Warwick central campus, or our overseas residentials will be based at selected European locations relevant to module content (Covid-19 permitting). Our modules are designed to be taught in an intensive way, combining physical teaching, where possible, and online activities. We have the flexibility to move wholly online if it's needed too.

Whichever teaching structure transpires, all participants will be expected to attend all lectures and group work activities in real time, be it in person or online; this might include some activities in the prep week (where listed in Key dates). As modules are intensive there is not expected to be free time during the teaching period for you to undertake other activities.

 Warwick students: Deadline for applying

Applications for WIISP modules as credit-bearing are now open for first and intermediate year undergraduates. These should be made through the Module Registration system. The initial applications for WIISP modules taken for credit will close at 17:00 BST on Monday 17 October 2022.

Credit-bearing applications will reopen in the Spring registration period, 9-27 January 2023 (modules will be offered subject to availability).

Subject to availability, around mid-February 2023, applications for co-curricular places will be open to all degree level students .

Please note

  • You will need to check with your department before applying to take a WIISP module
  • You are expected to fully engage and participate in the module, including in any group activities, if not your registration will be cancelled
  • Module details provided on these pages are supplementary to module details in the module catalogueLink opens in a new window. Subsequently individual module pages (moodle/my.wbs) will provide live details
  • All modules require minimum numbers to run. This is set by each module leader.

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