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What previous students say



  • Varied technologies were helpful to AISP
  • Most students found AISP was valuable in accessing content/resources outside their home institution
  • Personal engagement on modules was rated as very high
  • Around 50% of students anticipate they'll keep in contact with peers they met through the programme
  • All incoming students are interested in taking AISP modules in person at Warwick in the future

AISP ambassadors

Our ambassadors are available to contact for information at :

  • Arrin Lewis (LLM Advanced Legal Studies)
    • Indigenous North America
    • Farewell to arms?
  • Joe Cope (BASc Global Sustainable Development)
    • A Sustainable Serenissima
    • Multilingualism and Diversity
  • Mahbubah Durojaiye (BSc Computer Systems Engineering)
    • Shakespeare at Warwick
  • Sonali Patel (MEng Civil Engineering)
    • Venice in the Renaissance
  • Sophie Frankpitt (BA English Language and Linguistics with Intercalated Year)
    • Multilingualism And Diversit

Memory box:

Katie Baldwin

Stories of Objects: Passed down from an ancestor or narrated from a friend, everything we know comes to us as a story: so how can we give stories to objects that don't have one? How do we uncover their stories, buried with them thousands of years ago? How many stories can we uncover if we look just beneath the surface? Shows images of various small historical objects

Seema Kamath


Maddy Masters

I was inspired to do a culinary creation because shortbread biscuits are a British favourite and I love the richness of different cuisines and dishes between cultures and countries, just the tip of the iceberg of cultural differences and diversity really! This doesn't include all of the nationalities of participants present in the programme but I wanted to represent the alliance/ partnership between Warwick and Monash in the three different countries.

Multi Div 2021 with biscuits decorated with AISP and flags from Australia, UK and Malysia

100% of participants said they would recommend AISP to a friend