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Free fruit and veg: help out the Warwick Allotment Society

Map showing location of allotment, behind Arthur Vick residences

Warwick Allotment Society will be holding a Network 365 taster session from 12:30 to 1:30pm on Wednesday 29 July. Get your hands dirty down at our on-campus allotment and find out more what the Society does and how you can get involved. Sign up now if you'd like to attend.

About the Allotment Society

The Warwick Allotment Society are looking for staff volunteers to get involved with the upkeep of the campus allotment on a more long-term basis. If you're interested, you can join the Society at the allotment behind Arthur Vick every Wednesday from 5pm. Gardeners of all abilities are welcome, from budding newbies to seasoned allotmenteers.

Free produce is yours to take home if you're an active member of the Society. You'll have access to a range of organic, low-carbon fruit and vegetables to add to your home-cooked meals.

More info

If you’re unsure of how to reach the allotment, you can meet a volunteer from the Allotment Society outside the main doors of the Sports Centre at 12.15 and they will walk with you to the site. Alternatively, directions are below.

How to get there:
When you come from central campus, go down the road past the Health Centre; it will take you to a nice pond with (sometimes not so) friendly ducks and geese. Turn left; on the right you will have the pond, on your left you will pass Jack Martin and Arthur Vick. When you have walked past the pond, you will be able to see the Allotment on your right.Alternatively, when walking down the road towards the Health Centre, you can walk in towards Arthur Vick and Jack Martin before you reach the Health Centre. Carry on, and you will be able to turn right and walk across a meadow between Jack Martin and Arthur Vick to reach the Allotment.

For more information about the Society, see the Students' Union website.

People working on allotment