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You said, we did - 2017-18

Since the results of the 2017/18 Pulse survey were shared earlier this year, teams across Warwick have been working hard to turn feedback and suggestions into action. Much of this action-planning is continuing to take shape and responding to staff feedback is an ongoing process, so it is more accurately titled 'You said, we're doing'.

Read about the institutional priorities that have been identified or scroll down to find out more about departmental projects.

We'll be sharing more departmental updates soon - if your team would like to share a project or a positive post-Pulse story with us, we'd love to hear about them. Email us at pulse at warwick dot ac dot uk and tell us more. For more information about what your department's working on, speak to your local Pulse Champion.

Find out more about the changes departments have been making


Pulse - Chemistry

In the 2017-18 Pulse survey, our staff told us that they still face issues around collegiality and respect. One of the ways we have tried to tackle this is to emphasize collegiality as a core value in the department - we have introduced a new 'collegiality' component to all of our job advertisements, job specifications and interviews for staff at all levels and in all roles in order to send the message both externally and internally that collegiality and teamwork is a requirement for our department.

We have included this component in several appointments thus far, and we will evaluate other ways in which we can continue to foster a more friendly, respectful and cooperative working environment.”

Wellbeing Support Services (WSS)

WSS - Pulse

In the 2017-18 Pulse survey our staff told us they wanted to see a focus on improved internal communication. The new Director for Wellbeing and Safeguarding, Dr Hannah Friend, made it a priority in her first few weeks to meet with everyone in the team. Hannah has continued to encourage two-way communication with the team with an ‘open door policy’.

Aside from this, we now produce a monthly newsletter to the team, updating on information such as recruitment, staff projects, etc. We have also started using one of our office spaces as a place for the team to eat their lunch - this has helped encourage more socialising.

We are due to move to Senate House in the new year which we hope will help improve our communication even more as we will be co-located."

Organisational Development

Pulse update - Organisational Development

In the 2017-18 Pulse survey, staff within our team told us that they wanted the chance to explore further development options to support them with their personal growth or career path. As a result, each team member can now dedicate one hour a month to these key areas. If finding a whole hour is difficult to achieve, this could be split into separate 15-minute sessions each week. We also have a dedicated 15-minute discussion once a month between staff and their line manager to ensure they are supported as necessary."

As Administrative Assistants we all have busy schedules and large workloads, so it is all too easy to neglect our personal development. By protecting an hour a month and adding on 15 minutes to each of our monthly catch-up meetings, we have the chance to dedicate some time to our PDRs - thus focusing on something other than our day-to-day tasks. For me personally, it has given me the chance to consider how I can incorporate my interest in mental health into my role."

Engagement Group

Pulse - Engagement

2017/18 featured a number of significant changes to senior leadership and approaches in the Engagement Group. This was reflected in the 2017/18 Pulse survey results, with colleagues affected by changes expressing anxiety and uncertainty. Before the Pulse survey was launched, the department had already created a framework of internal characteristics as well as identifying our key strengths and how they bring teams in our department together. Tying the Pulse actions and the characteristics framework together will enable us to articulate strategy and support departmental and team planning, sharing updates more regularly and widely across the department. We have set up a monthly coffee morning where the department comes together for a network over a cuppa and a biscuit, followed by presentations and discussions around key strategy development and changes or celebration of successes.

Our group is made up of professionals with specialist knowledge in various areas and we are often working as a collaborative; to link individual goals to our strategy and characteristic framework, we will pilot strategic PDR goals to support our staff with their development which we hope will also encourage staff to take a refreshed approach to the PDR and regard this as a useful career development tool."