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Institutional priorities

Across Warwick, your responses and comments to the 2017-18 Pulse survey are being used to celebrate what’s working well and, more importantly, to identify where we need to make changes or try a new approach.

Using your feedback, we have begun to focus on different institutional priorities for the University - here's where we're up to...

Disability Standards

The 2017-18 Pulse responses from those declaring a disability were consistently less positive than for colleagues who did not declare a disability. As a result, Provost Chris Ennew has been appointed as Senior Disability Champion and Chair of Warwick's new Disability Standards steering group. This steering group is constructing an action plan of tasks that need to be completed as part of our self-assessment and has signed up to the Disability Standards charter mark to enable the University to benchmark and track its performance in this area.

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) team is in the process of creating three new publications: 'Guidance and support for disabled staff', 'Checklist for line managers of disabled staff' and 'FAQs for disabled staff', to ensure that staff across Warwick who identify as disabled are able to access the support they need. The team will also host a Wellbeing Week in February 2019 with an overall theme of Dignity and Respect.


'Respect' has been identified as an ongoing theme for the University, and was first highlighted through the previous Pulse survey in 2015-16 - institutional results showed that some colleagues had experienced or witnessed inequality of treatment, and were calling for increased diversity at all levels.

Since this last survey, all colleagues are asked to discuss Respect, Inclusion and Diversity as part of their PDR conversations. This ensures that all colleagues are aware of the Respect agenda and can reflect on their role in creating a respectful Warwick community.

Staff and student inclusion is one of the four priorities of Warwick's 2030 strategy, and the Internal Communications team is working with Equality, Diversity & Inclusion to create 'inclusive communications' guidance, designed to explain how staff can take an inclusive approach in their messages and materials. Key groups and networks across the University are being consulted to ensure this guidance considers different perspectives and aligns with Warwick's brand values and guidelines.

There is more work to be done, with another dedicated Respect Day due to take place in spring as part of Wellbeing Week, and education and training resources being developed for staff at all levels.

Speak Up and Challenge

The notion of all staff feeling empowered to 'speak up and challenge' has once again been identified as an area for the University to focus on. It was encouraging to see a 15% improvement in the response to this topic, but Warwick's Speak Up and Challenge result still remains below the Russell Group average, signalling a need for further work.

If you would like to be part of the Speak Up and Challenge working group and share your views and ideas on how Warwick might improve in this area, please email We would specifically welcome volunteers from professional service and operational roles and grades.