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iTunes U and Warwick FAQ

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a service provided by Apple which provides access to free downloadable material (audio and video) provided by many universities. You can use the service by accessing the 'iTunes U' section of the iTunes Store.

What kinds of content are available?

The University of Warwick is making a wide variety of content avaiable through iTunes U. You will be able to access specially created programmes examining academic research and campus life as well as access interviews, debates, lectures and course materials.

Warwick is keen to involve all members of our community in this project and we will be carrying student generated materials alongside content from our academics.

Do I need an iPod or a Mac to listen to files housed in iTunes U?

No. All our content is available in .mp4 and .mp3 formats which should work with the media player of your choice. If you would prefer not to use iTunes then most materials are also available on the University website.

How do I submit a podcast?

Requests should be submitted to See the contribute section for more details.

How do I obtain consent for recording and republising content?

The University provides a PDF form covering clearance for recording and publishing from speakers and students.

In addition all contributors are expected to have cleared copyright permissions for any materials used in their recording. After submission a member of the iTunes U team will contact you to confirm this. If you wish to discuss this in advance then contact

How can I get help for creating content?

The University provides a range of support options for creating digital content.

If you are interested in the production of content relating to research, events or special series then contact

If you are interested in producing eLearning materials then your faculty elearning advisor should be able to provide you with assistance.

For other AV requirements AV Services can help.