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Audio Visual Services

AV guidance during the COVID-19 lockdown

On-Campus - Cleaning and Hygiene Guidance

Please see the University guidance in relation to the Covid 19 Lecture Theatre/room checklist

Please also see the University Space Management guidance on CTTRs and associated floorplans/risk assessments

Finally, please see the following guidance on the provision of cleaning materials and CCS/SEAs duties

Off-Campus Lecture Delivery

Please note that Universal Capture is the recommended method for delivering lectures at present due to the current remote working policy.

For more information please visit Lecture Capture

Remote Working Tools

Please note that for remote working, meetings and collaboration we recommend using Microsoft Teams and Live Events, Skype for Business, StarLeaf & BlackBoard Collaborate

For more information in relation to Zoom Video Conferencing

Working or learning from within China?

IT Services has created some guidance in relation to collaboration and virtual connections

About us

The Audio Visual Services team are responsible for the specification, installation and maintenance of all Audio Visual equipment on campus. We also provide a range of technical services and training materials to support teaching, learning and the business needs of Warwick’s staff and students.

We regularly publish Audio Visual Service Metrics to help provide clarity and insight on our services to our colleagues and customers.

The rooms, areas and services we support:

 Lecture Capture & Universal Capture

You can record lectures, seminars and any other content that goes with them. Browse our support guides and install and use our Universal Capture service on Managed and Unmanaged computers or laptops.

 Hybrid Teaching

We provide guidance on how you can deliver content to students who are physically present in a classroom and students who connect remotely, using the on-site PC and AV facilities.

 Collaboration Tools

We provide a range of Audio, Video, Webinar and Desktop conferencing services.

Digital Signage

We provide technical support for Room signage and Digital signage screens across campus.

Wireless Casting with Solstice

Solstice is a wireless screencasting tool that is available throughout campus.


We work to design and implement audio visual technology on campus.

Buy and Borrow AV Equipment

We offer purchasing guidance and equipment loans to allow you to be flexible around developing Audio Visual technologies and environments.

Media conversion

We can convert VHS tapes or audio cassettes to DVDs and CDs for you.

TV and radio archive

If you're a student or staff member at Warwick, you can access thousands of hours of recorded TV and radio.