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Podcasts and associated texts may be used for personal study. Any other reproduction of the texts or use of the podcasts should only be by prior approval of the authors. For further information, please contact the CPT Office.

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Genetic testing and pharmacovigilance

13:51, Wed 17 Oct 2012

Margaret Thorogood, Professor of Epidemiology and Chris Bridle, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at Warwick Medical School discuss the impact of pharmacogenetics on pharmacovigilance with Professor Ralph Edwards, WHO Monitoring Centre, Uppsala, Dr Duncan Hale, Pharmacogenetics Division, Pfizer, Dr Robin Ferner, Director of the West Midlands Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre, Birmingham and members of the audience. Topics discussed include: - pressure from seriously ill patients to accept higher risk from drugs in the hope of treatment benefit - need for very large population databases to capture rare events - impact on reporting of genetic testing - completeness of phenotypic information in databases Length 16min 15sec

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Nanotechnology Press Release

Nano-scientists call for greater understanding Scientists at the University of Warwick are spearheading a campaign to improve the public’s understanding and acceptance of nanotechnology with a special conference aimed at local schoolchildren and members of the public. More...

Health, Wealth and Nutrition Film:

Sleep and Obesity: If you do not get enough sleep, you are at risk of getting fatter! In fact, you will have doubled your risk of becoming obese! These are the early findings of a study by researchers at the University of Warwick led by Professor Francesco Cappuccio and presented at the International AC21 Research Festival hosted by the University of Warwick this month. Research TV Film

Report on Personalised Medicines Symposium

CPT Newsletter No. 3 July, 2006: Over 80 national and international delegates attended the 5th July International Personalised Medicines Symposium, which was held within the over 1100 delegate 3rd International AC21 Research Festival hosted by the University of Warwick from 3rd-7th July 2006. Genetic targets and methods were discussed including CYP enzymes, drug transporters, receptors, cell signalling, genotyping, gene mapping and SNP vs.CNP studies. Clinical case studies focused on application of pharmacogenetic approaches to cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, cancer, inflammatory and psychiatric disorders. More ...

Report on WIMRC Cavitation Conference


Professor SC Li, Meeting Organizer, Professor Stuart Palmer, University of Warwick Deputy Vice-Chancellor
and Professor Prof Y Matsumoto, University of Tokyo

On Monday 3rd July 2006, the WIMRC International Forum on Cavitation was held at the University of Warwick, forming the opening day of the 3rd AC21 International Research Festival. Eminent academics from around the world were invited to Warwick to present a day of lectures on the effects of cavitation in turbomachinery and medical applications. Delegates were welcomed to the Forum and the Research Festival by Professor John Jones, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for research at the University of Warwick. This was followed by an introductory presentation about the EPSRC-funded WIMRC by the Research Manager, Dr Nick Mallinson. More ...


Report on Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium

Over 90 delegates from industry and academia from as far afield as Japan attended the Symposium. See article from September 2006 issue of Plastics and Rubber Weekly (subscription 500,000) for further information on how a tropical plant and changes in our lifestyle can help to save our planet.