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IB World Student Conferences bring together IB Diploma programme students from around the world to explore and experience what it means to be globally engaged, and to inspire responsible action for making a better and more peaceful world. An IBWSC offers important opportunities for developing student leadership, developing student leadership, developing professional understanding, and creating high-value relationships among IB students, world school and universities.

IB World Student Conferences celebrate a spirit of open-minded inquiry into significant global challenges, extending the IB's mission and developing the attributes of the IB learner profile. They aim to provide a framework in which empowers students to become more knowledgeable, active and caring. An IB World Student Conference is not an end in itself. Participants will develop collaborative projects that extend that extend the life of the conference and provide laboratories for developing lifelong learning skills. Building on learning outcomes of the IB Diploma core CAS programme, students will engage their schools and communities in significant work based on their learning. Using social media and other interactive technologies, students will connect and extend their conference experience through the Global Exchange website hub.