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IBWSC Registration

Personal Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Please provide information for your parents that we can use to contact them during the conference in case of an emergency.

Flight information

Please provide information on your arrival and departure.

If you are arriving early/leaving late, campus accommodation may be available at an additional charge on a first come first served basis. We will contact you individually if this affects you.

Additional accommodation
There is the opportunity to book additional nights accommodation either on Saturday 3 August or Saturday 10 August. The cost per night is £20 plus VAT and is payable upon arrival. The cost includes bed and breakfast.

Medical and general information

English Proficiency

Pre-conference selection
* indicates a required field
Privacy statement
This form will be used to manage registration at the IB World Student Conference. Information provided will be recorded and associated with your name, but the data will not be used for any purpose other than as a record of the event.
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