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Criminal justice laws and tougher sentencing won't address real issues with serious violence says Dr Henrique Carvalho

Dr Henrique Carvalho from the University of Warwick said: “The criminal justice laws and tougher sentencing introduced today in the King’s speech seem primarily targeted at stoking hostility for political expediency. These measures are unlikely to address or prevent the real issues underpinning serious violence, for example those linked to socio-economic deprivation and poor welfare and mental health support systems or the maintenance of gender inequalities.


“They are also likely to further contribute and exacerbate the many crises currently faced by the criminal justice system, including that of the prison system. We need to question the political allure of imposing short-term solutions for long-term, systemic problems.”

Tue 07 Nov 2023, 14:57 | Tags: Academic Staff, School of Law, Expert comment, Academia, Law