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Age ratings for Netflix content may see other streaming services follow suit: Tom Hemingway comments

Netflix has announced that it will include age ratings on all its content, following the success of a trial with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Tom Hemingway from the Department of Film and Television Studies gives his view on the impact this will make for viewers and for streaming services.

Tom Hemingway said: "Netflix’s continued collaboration with the BBFC will allow viewers to make more informed decisions regarding the content of what they choose to watch. Following today’s announcement, it would be unsurprising if streaming platforms like Amazon and Disney+ followed suit in the near future. However, it should be hoped that the partial involvement of an algorithm to determine a film or programme’s certificate is still able to account for complexities in the work that fall outside the categories of ‘violence’ or ‘bad language’. For example, a horror film with no gore, swearing, and/or sexual scenes can still be hugely effective as a scary movie."

7 September 2021

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