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Angry Birds, Rovio and the move into films - Dr Sotirios Paroutis

SPAngry Birds maker Rovio's move into films Sotirios Paroutis, of Warwick Business School, is Associate Professor of Strategic Management and looks at the technology sector.

Dr Sotirios Paroutis said: "Developing an entertainment company on the back of a successful cross-platform gaming app might sound too optimistic – but staying still, and relying only on gaming, is too risky an option for Rovio.

"Past attempts to bring video games into the movie theatres have not been successful, but Rovio might still be able to develop a winning movie formula particularly for younger audiences and Asian markets with its Angry Birds cartoon-based characters.

"In its efforts to become an entertainment company, Rovio is taking a risky route to arrive at a less risky business model.

"If Rovio is to become a successful entertainment firm it needs to slingshot its brands into new, unchartered territories."

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