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Autumn Statement - Expert comment on regional economies

Senior Teaching Fellow Michael Synnott researches infrastructural management and strategy. Speaking ahead of the Autumn Statement next week, he suggests there is an urgent need for fiscal reform of cities in the UK

Dr Michael Synnott said: “Just five per cent of taxes raised in Britain are controlled by cities themselves, compared with 30 per cent in Germany and 37.5 per cent in the US. This simple observation carries weight and sums up the long overdue and urgent need for fiscal reform of cities in the UK. Loosening the ties on the nation’s provincial cities can only help foster local innovation, the vital ingredient for local competitiveness.

“But local urban councils would do well to spend a time inspecting the oral cavity of any fiscal gift horse that may be sent trotting their way. Specifically while devolving revenue raising powers to the major cities is to be welcomed, if accompanied by increased local responsibility for welfare services, there could be snarls and not smiles in the town halls!”

Michael Synnott – Senior Teaching Fellow, researches infrastructural management and strategy.




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