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COP26: Experts comment on Transport Day

Today is Transport day at COP26, and experts from the University of Warwick have been commenting on the challenges faced in tackling climate change through how we travel.

Dr Stuart Coles of WMG at the University of Warwick said: “From my perspective, the issue is understanding more about the supply chains required for zero emission vehicles, particularly in road transportation. Lithium ion batteries are a clear solution to carbon emissions at source and with a green grid, the usage has significant benefits when compared with petrol or diesel. However, the supply of the critical raw materials is not secure and has societal issues in many areas. There is also little consideration of the disposal of some of these batteries and that should be considered as part of the development work to avoid repeating past mistakes such as plastics – the material that lives forever – a selling point in the 1950s and now a clear issue in the 2020s.

“WMG at the University of Warwick has projects looking at all of these issues – but there needs to be a wider awareness of the challenges.”

John Fox, Programme Director at WMG at the University of Warwick, said: “My work focusses at present on ‘Micromobility’ – personal mobility devices and final mile delivery vehicles from escooters up to L Category vehicles like the new Citroen Ami. We must move away from the personal car for the majority of trips; starting with ‘first and last mile’ in urban areas being predominantly by Micromobility and then mass-shared transport (i.e. trains, VLR etc.) being used for longer journeys. Electric vehicles are a crucial step to reducing emissions, but if everyone still owns one or two electric cars and uses them for all trips, we will not hit our climate change goals.”

Read a blog by John Fox with further information:

10 November 2021

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