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Court ruling on plans to expand Heathrow airport - Professor Loizos Heracleous from Warwick Business School comments

After yesterday's court ruling that plans to expand Heathrow airport were 'unlawful', Professor Loizos Heracleous from Warwick Business School has commented on the knock-on effect on the aviation industry in the UK and on economic growth.

Professor Heracleous said: "A robust aviation industry is crucial to the national economy. Expanding Heathrow airport, vs starting a new airport from scratch, seems to be the most economically efficient, and sustainable, way to expand London's aviation capacity. If this is done while being mindful of the environmental impact and in compliance with relevant commitments, then such a move would be beneficial to the national economy; particularly in a post-Brexit UK that needs to be more global to sustain economic health.

"Logically there are only three options on this: 1. Do not expand aviation capacity. 2. Expand aviation capacity via Heathrow. 3. Expand aviation capacity via a new airport. Option 1 would be the favourite of environmental groups but it would not support economic growth. A healthy national economy requires infrastructure to keep up with demand. Out of options 2 and 3, option 2 (expansion via Heathrow) would be economically and environmentally preferable to building a new airport.”

28 February 2020

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