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Dr James Gill: Minimum pricing for alcohol 'is clearly part of the answer' in tackling alcohol abuse

Minimum pricing for alcohol in Scotland appears to have had the effect of reducing alcohol consumption, according to a new study. Dr James Gill from Warwick Medical School and a locum GP argues that this is strong evidence that targeting alcohol purchasing will have a public health benefit.

Dr Gill says: “Public health is a difficult one - promoting healthy lifestyles, without at the same time curbing people’s ability to main their own choices.

“Let’s not mince words we know that smoking is terrible for you. It causes cancer. End of.

“There is a growing body of evidence supporting the claim that alcohol has no benefits, and does considerable harm (including causing liver cancer).

“In Scotland minimum pricing for alcohol (50p per unit) has been in place for 18 months. This had has the overall benefit of reducing alcohol consumption by about half a pint, per person, per week. Double the benefit that had been hoped for.

“Alcohol misuse, and abuse is complex. It appears helping guide people’s purchasing is clearly part of the answer.”

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