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Dr Thom Davies talks to BBC Cov & Warks on day 2 of the Calais jungle clearances

2,800 residents of the Calais jungle camp hav ebeen moved of the 10,000 currently living there. Dr Thom Davies, Refugee Crisis Expert in the Sociology department discusses the current situation on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire,

"It's yet to be seen what will happen as the diggers roll in and the camps are demolished. My research shows just how deplorable the conditions hav been there, the lack of toilets, sanitation, facilities and hygiene for instance.

"Worth noting is that this camp came into being in April 2015, 18 months ago. It has taken 18 months for the French and UK governments to take action to help refugees that have no choice but to live there.

"As far as health standards go, the new camps the refugees are being moved to, will be better. However we should not forget that the political situation in Europe has not changed.

"The research I have been doing shows that a great number of refugees in the camps at Calais have relations or family members in the UK. Many of them have had very bad experiences in Greece, Italy and France and feel they have knowhere else to go.

As long as there is a bottleneck in the migration process, camps like this will exist."

Listen in here at 2 hours 25 mins, as Dr Thom Davies discusses the situation with Phil Upton: