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European Arrest Warrant has problems, but pulling out isn’t the answer

Professor Jacqueline HodgsonAs MPs prepapre to vote on whether the UK should opt in to a range of EU legal measures, including the European Arrest Warrant, Professor Jacqueline Hodgson, from the School of Law at the University of Warwick, commented: "Having provided expert evidence in European Arrest Warrant (EAW) cases, as well as conducting comparative empirical studies into the criminal justice processes of various European countries, there are clearly some problems with the procedure.

“Issuing a EAW effectively activates the police and courts of another jurisdiction, so it is also important that this is not done lightly and that proper protections are in place: extradition must only be for the purpose of prosecution or sentence and not simply for investigation; the procedure should not be abused for minor offences; and suspects must be assured of the same legal protections and fair trial rights wherever they are prosecuted and tried.

“These issues will not be resolved by the UK pulling out of the EAW procedure - they are better resolved at EU level so that extradition works better for UK citizens extradited abroad, and for the UK authorities requiring the extradition of individuals for trial in this jurisdiction.

“Without the EAW, extradition is slower and more complex and it will be more difficult to prosecute individuals for cross-border crime. This is also the view of senior British police officers working with Europol.”

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