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Expert comment from Prof Ian Robertson on Chinese tech 'threats'.

Professor Ian Robertson from the University of Warwick's Computer Science department comments on GCHQ's advice to understand the 'opportunities and threats' from the Chinese tech sector.

He comments: "The issue of whether the UK should allow Chinese technology company Huawei to supply components to our communications infrastructure continues to be raised.

"There a number of political issues such as the "trade war" between the USA and Peoples Republic of China which may be one reason why the USA does not want the UK to buy Chinese technology.

"There are also practical matters: the UK no longer designs and manufactures this kind of kit. All suppliers are foreign to the UK and the only alternatives are companies such as: Cisco (USA), Nortel (Canada), Alcatel-Lucent (now owned by Nokia in Finland) and Ericsson (Sweden)."

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