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Expert comment: Sleep problems during lockdown

Results of a new survey suggest that over half of the UK population is struggling with sleep problems during lockdown. Here, Dr Nicole Tang from the Warwick Sleep and Pain Laboratory in the Department of Psychology comments on how events like the COVID-19 pandemic can disrupt our sleep, while sleep expert Dr Michelle Miller from Warwick Medical School offers some advice on sleeping well during lockdown.

Dr Tang said: "The findings of this survey highlight the importance of protecting sleep during uncertain times like this. There is ample evidence that worries, stress and busy brains are sleep-spoilers. The loss of routine and opportunities to engage in physical activities can impact on our sleep quality and regularity too. However, it is equally important to recognise that insomnia is a normal reaction to stress. For many people, sleep disturbances would settle down once a new routine (or a new 'normal’) is established."

Dr Tang's lab has previously published an infographic to help University students to sleep well during the pandemic.

Dr Miller said: "To set our biological clock we need to get as much daylight as possible early in the day; exercising outside in the morning will be very beneficial."

4 June 2020


Peter Thorley
Media Relations Manager (Warwick Medical School and Department of Physics)


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