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Expert in Cancer Diagnosis Nasir Rajpoot sheds light on why Cancer is often being identified in A&E

Professor in Computer Science Nasir Rajpoot comments on new research that reveals that thousands of cancer patients are being diagnosed in A&E, despite having visited their GP three times or more. "The news should not come as a surprise to anyone working in cancer care. Symptoms of cancer patients become more obvious when they make a trip to the A&E departments. Sadly it may be a bit too late for some patients at that stage". "One of the reasons cancer is not picked up early on is the tremendous amount of workload that the NHS pathology diagnostics services are under, in a way deterring the GPs from sending what they perceive to be non-urgent cases for diagnostic testing. Intervention by computer algorithms can help improve the situation by automatically detecting the obvious normal cases, thus reducing the burden on pathology services and releasing the pathologists to look at more suspicious cases".