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Insurrection over chocolate spread - expert comment from Dr David Lees

David LeesDr David Lees is a teaching fellow in French Studies in the Department of Modern Languages at Warwick. He is an expert in French culture and his research covers politics, film, literature and social media.

He comments on the 'Nutella riots' which took place this week after a French supermarket reduced the price of the well-loved choclate spread.

He says: "The French are well known for their tradition of revolt and rebellion but few would predict such open insurrection over chocolate spread. Emmanuel Macron thought he had his work cut out with reforms to the French economy but it turns out that he should have set his sights much closer to the hearts of so many in France.

"Such is the love of Nutella that French courts last year obliged a couple to change the name of their newborn child to Ella, refusing permission for a child to be named Nutella."

26 January 2018

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