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Is Mexico set for an historic shift?

Latin America’s second largest economy will go to the polls on Sunday (1 July 2018) to choose its next president and a new congress. At a time of widespread disillusionment at unchecked corruption, poverty and violence Assistant Professor in New Rising World Powers Dr Thomas Long looks ahead to the election.

"Mexico appears to be set for an historic shift when it goes to the polls on Sunday. Mexican citizens are angry with entrenched party elites, who have resisted efforts for greater transparency, failed to deliver broad-based economic growth, and proven unable to address a worsening security situation. In that context, polls indicate that voters have turned away from traditional parties and to leftist stalwart Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"The confused race has seen the country's party system nearly fragment as independent candidate emerge; meanwhile, the ruling party has dipped to historically low levels of support. No matter who wins on Sunday, the next president will face a challenging panorama: economic travails, climbing homicide rates, increasing drug flows, and a challenging neighbour to the north who often appears set on making those problems even harder to solve."

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