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"Keeping one’s head in the sand for another couple of years will not do.”

PierreAs further details emerge of the possible consequences of no-deal Brexit, Dr Pierre Purseigle from Warwick History comments:

“The possible imposition of roaming charges on British customers if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement underlines the very real and concrete consequences of Brexit.

"It also demonstrates the paradoxical absurdity of the Government’s position: stressing the dire impact of a no-deal scenario to exert pressure on Brexiteers within and outside Parliament, while reassuring the public that everything would still be just fine if the UK left without a withdrawal argument.

“The substance of the Government’s papers also demonstrates that very little work has been done in the last two years to prepare the country, including businesses and public services for Brexit. It is difficult to say if it is down to incompetence or political mendacity.

“More worrying still is that, beyond the political class - government or opposition alike - large sections of the populations remain in denial. Whatever the Government and Brexiteers of all hues would have the public believe, the “deal”, i.e. the Withdrawal Agreement, will not define the future relationship. It would simply allow for the transition and create the conditions for a real, complex, and years-long negotiation on trade and security arrangements.

“It is high time the country as whole, and not simply the Conservative Party, figured out the sort of Brexit it actually wants. Keeping one’s head in the sand for another couple of years will not do.”

13 September 2018


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